DIY Haircut Part 2

Almost a year ago to the day of this first DIY haircut my boys did it again! Except this time around they did their sister’s hair….again! I don’t have pictures of her first haircut or this one {insert sad face} but I am happy to say that this time around isn’t as bad as the first one.

I make sure and put all the things away and out of reach of the kids that I don’t want them to have\play with. But as some of you parents know that doesn’t always stop them from getting these things. It’s like our kids turn into little Houdini or something!

On this day of DIY haircut I was hanging out in the living room and all 4 kids were in the boys’ room playing. The scissors are located in the art drawers….which were located in the living room….which is where I was located. I am not sure how they got the scissors but anyway. I was sitting on the couch and my youngest brings me all the scissors, I then let him know that he shouldn’t have these and that he can’t use them unless Mommie says so, he says ‘Ok’ and walks back in their room. A few minutes later he walks back out holding a plastic orange bucket. I didn’t think anything of it because he usually fills it with toys, dumps it out, plays with them, and then repeats the process. He brought me the bucket (I was thinking he was going to show me all the toys he put in there) and I looked inside and there was hair in the bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point I wasn’t sure whose hair is was and I didn’t put two and two together with the scissors that he brought me earlier. I walk into the boys’ room and look around to see if I could tell who the hair belonged to. But first I asked who did the cutting and why. My two oldest said it was them and didn’t really give me a reason to why but then again it didn’t really matter to me. I could tell that my daughters hair looked alittle odd (he hair was in a pony tail), so I took her into the living room and started to take her hair out of the pony tail so I could tell what kind of damage was done. At first it didn’t look bad at all….looked like there was just a few snips here and there……and then I started brushing her hair. Clumps where falling out!!!!! I think because they cut her hair while it was in a pony tail is why this was happening. I then tried to take all the hair out and put it back into a pony tail to see what it looked like……it really wasn’t that bad. When I showed my husband that night he said we would have to cut her hair in an effort to make it look better……it did look like she had a mullet on the side of her head! That weekend we ended up cutting her hair to her shoulders & honestly it doesn’t look that bad, which is a good thing! It does look alittle odd when you put her hair up but good thing hair grows back!

I shouldn’t be too shocked that my kids are cutting each others hair though…..I remember doing it when I was a kid and brother did it to one of our neighbors daughters….maybe we should start a family business?!

Anyway, yes I was very upset that they did this not once but twice to their sister but in the end it is just hair and it does grow back. If this happens to you in the future, don’t get too mad but take pictures, that way you all can look back and laugh at it later! I wish I would have thought to do that in the moment…oh well, hopefully next time!
Wait…did I just say that!? Hopefully there wouldn’t be a next time! Things are going to be different in our new home!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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