‘Family’ Changes

Some of you may have noticed that some sister sites blogs & fan pages aren’t up anymore. The reasons vary as to why the contributors of those blogs have stepped down. I have no hard feelings towards anyone that has stepped down. This is all voluntary and something that should be fun for the author of their blog. However, with that being said, it does upset me as to why one author stepped down.

We all know that there will always be someone out there doesn’t like us, agree with us, or whatever the case maybe….haters is what I call them. I understand that and actually expect someone to disagree with me and not like me or what I have to say. That isn’t the part that bothers me. It starts to bother me when people aren’t respectful and continue to degrade the author. If you feel the need to say your two cents and be done with it. It’s not like someone is making you to continue to read the blog or anything along those lines. It’s sad when people are reading what you wrote and then twisting your words (which I am not sure how when anyone can read it) and then trying to use your own words against you. It’s also sad when someone continues to stalk and harass you after you have already taken steps legally to stop but yet they still do it.

It saddens me when ‘adults’ act like this. There is no reason for it and, in the end, you only end up hurting yourself. Yes, the person that it is happening to might get upset, sad, betrayed, and so many other emotions……but they can forgive you for that. You will have to know that you treated someone like that (for no good reason) for the rest of your life. It’s childish, pointless, immature, and more! There should be no reason to treat someone like that. We aren’t just a blog….there is actually someone behind that blog who has feelings, a heart, a family, and isn’t immune to all those haters. Well some might be but maybe that’s just because they have been in the game longer and built tougher skin. On that note, when you hide behind a computer screen to treat someone badly….you are just a coward. You can say whatever you want online and people think they are so tough. Well let me tell you something! If you are so tough behind the screen, why don’t you call this person up and tell them to their face? I mean if you can type the words out then just say them. But most of the time they don’t. So that tells me that they are afraid of something if they won’t tell you to your face.

Anyway, my point in writing this is to tell you that Melissa from Lawmen Mommievetures has stepped down because there are some people out there that are harassing her and twisting her words around. I am sorry to see her leave but thankful for the time she was with us. She will be missed and, hopefully, will return one day. I am thankful that we are close and I will be able to keep in touch with her outside of MommieVentures.

To the persons treating her this way…..I am not going to say much to you because I will not stoop down to your level, but I will say this:

Know that you actions\words are hurtful. Know that you reap what you sow. And remember, know that you aren’t better than her….you are equals. I know that she will forgive you and still love you (which says a lot about her character), but just know that she will raise above your nastiness and hatefulness. She is a beautiful person, mother, wife, friend, daughter, daughter in law, business owner, and so much more! I love you and I will also stand up for you and be your cheerleader!


2 thoughts on “‘Family’ Changes

  1. Awww I love you Trel. Thanks for all those sweet words! You are amazing, and I am thankful that I was able to be apart of your blog! I just need some time for everything to calm down. I don’t want her so involved in my business anymore and this is the only way to not give her what she wants.. A chance to be involved and know what is going on in my life…. I don’t think I’m gone for good… But maybe in the next couple months we can start another blog.. I’m thinking a pg one? hehe! *HOPEFULLY* LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!

    • You are so welcome! I love my friends and will always have their back. I completely understand where you are coming from and your reasons behind everything! You will always have a place here in the MV family! I think that would be a great blog to start!!!!

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