My baby sister

Let me give you a little background on my sister.

She came into my life right after my parents divorced (2001). Her mom and my dad were dating. I didn’t know them when they moved in. All I knew is that these two people were now living in my house. She was either in 1st or 2nd grade when she moved in…I was a junior in high school. A bit of honesty here, I was excited to finally have a sister but I wasn’t sure I liked her at first. I remember standing up for her when my brother was mean to her. It wasn’t just an adjustment for him and I….it was one for her as well. I can’t remember what year this happened but my Dad adopted her and she was officially apart of my family. I called her my step sister for many years even after she was adopted. As time went by I grew to like her and as more time went by I grew to love her. I now call her my sister and very rarely call her my step sister. She is my sister! I have always been there for her and she has been apart of some important dates in my life (she was my flower girl & there when or shortly after all my kids were born.) When she came into my life she was this short, chunky, blonde haired little girl.

Last week (06\16\11) she graduated from high school. I cannot believe that all this time has gone by and she is old enough to graduate! She is such a wonderful adult! She received a 4.0 as her final grade in all her classes. She has been working at the same law firm for a few years now. Part time during school and full time during the summer. She is still doing that and will start college classes online in the fall.

Here are a few pictures from her prom night!

Her and her boyfriend Brad!

And here are some pictures from her graduation day!

My step mom, Rachel, and my Dad.

Rachel & Brad

It’s official!

My brother is excited too!

At dinner celebrating her big day!

There is one thing that sucked about her graduation day…..well at least I think it sucked 😉
I wasn’t able to be there! I was planning on it and then because of certain events, I had to change my plans. When my step mom posted the pictures I got teary eyed because I couldn’t be there to celebrate this day with her.

I couldn’t be more proud to call her my sister! I love her to death and will always be here for her no matter what happens! I am so proud that she made it to this milestone & excited to see what the new chapter in her life holds!

She is no longer just a girl that moved into my house….she is apart of my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is my sister today, tomorrow, and always!


2 thoughts on “My baby sister

  1. This is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog sweetie. We SO wished that you and the kids could have been here but we know how life goes and we know you were here in spirit for her. Love you!

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