Plan of Action

Today Mark had off work and that only meant one thing….lots got done around here! More packing, more planning, and help with the kids!

We have pretty much everything packed that we won’t need while moving & getting into our new house. We are keeping a box (along with things for the kids) with us. In this box will be toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other things that will make the first few nights not so hectic when we get to our new house. We are planning on loading up on non perishables & drinks for the road. We have no plans on stopping and buying food on this trip.

Speaking of our new house….we don’t have one yet. But that is pretty hard to do when you are half way across the country from where you are living, going to rent, and want to see the house before signing anything. We were wanting to take a camping trip this summer anyway, so we figured we would do that when we arrived in Texas. While we are having fun as a family doing that, we can also look for a house. I have a friend that just moved to that area from Alaska and she is willing to house hunt with us!

We are going to try to get something like PODS (but not them because they are TOO expensive) so we don’t have to worry about a truck, gas, storage unit, truck to unload at the new house, and gas for the second truck. Having something like PODS is cheaper than doing all of that. (And yes we calculated it up)

We have 9 days from now to be out of our house. We are most likely staying with one of Mark’s co-workers until around the 15th of July. Gives us time to save more money that way and not feel so rushed to hit the road…..even though I cannot wait to do that! Also gives his boss enough notice.

So that is all I have to update for right now. Will update again when there is something to update on! Thanks for reading!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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