Dear 16 year old me,

I got this idea when my friend who re-posted a video of adults talking to their 16 year old self about wearing sunscreen and taking care of their skin. I thought I would just throw it out there and see what everyone had to say if they could talk to their 16 year old self.

Most, if not all, of us wish we could go back and tell our 16 year old self something. Whether it be not to do something, not to wear that certain shirt that we thought looked so good, or something that would have changed our life path. Either way we cannot change our past nor can we make it go away, but I thought it would be cool to see what others would say to their 16 year old self. So here is what some of my fans & friends had to say!

Katrinia: Wait for true love, its worth it. You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

Myself: He will not end up being the love of your life. Have more fun. Don’t care what people think about you. You are NOT fat!

Nicole: Hmmm….Please don’t drive like an idiot! and…ummm….don’t worry, everything will work out right!

Jessica: life wasnt as bad as you thought it was, trying to kill urself wasnt the answer

Meredith: TeenVogue lies – you are not fat. And hell yeah, you can pull off that skirt.

Melissa: Don’t fight your parents so hard…. They know what is best for you. In the end you will wish you had listened.

Elizabeth: Loosen up a little.  Life isn’t THAT serious.  And trust me…when you’re 30, you’ll covet the body you have now

Mary: oh I can do this! Boys are a pain, leave them alone. And be happy with yourself as you are. Don’t worry abt the people who make fun of you or think they are better then you. And you are beautiful and thin!

Heather: Things will be ok and get better, make sure you choose boys/men wisely and remember you are talented and creative!!!

Janice: hahaha. If I could talk to the 16 year old me I think I would slap myself in the face for being such an ungrateful, horribly behaved teenager! hahahaha!!

Sarah: stop destroying your mind and body and pay attention and do your best in school! Also, stop being such a bully.

Joe: Dear 16 year old me…please don’t drink so much so you can remember when you were 16 when you are 29 hahaha

Megan: Dear 16 year old me…… How much beer and cigarettes do I have to buy you to convince you to come baaaaaaack!!!!! Haha 🙂 Oh to be 16 again…..

Kelly: Don’t have that knee surgery and act like a teenager because when you get older and have kids it isn’t a good time to act stupid lol

Nicole: …, it’s not gonna be worth it!

Tina: Listen to your momma!!!

Brandi: don’t blame God for your problems ,he is the one tht loves you the most and sometimes your tears are blessings in disguise 🙂

Heather: …. dream big. Don’t stop until you reach it.

Jennifer: Find love and acceptance in your heavenly Father, not the guy du jour.

Brianna: Hang in there, it does get better. There will be joys in life you can’t imagine. Just hold on for now and you’ll find a way to make it and you’ll actually be happy for the first time. Have some faith.

Pauline: Slow down and be rational. Leave the church now, stop listening to the judgements, your mother will have to get beyond it.

Andrea: Watch out for that guy…you know which one I’m talking about…

Courtney: You were skinny!!! What were you so worried about!? And actually care about your education instead of it being social hour everyday.

Vera: Dear 16 year old me…if only you could see your future…you wouldn’t worry so much about how your life is now. That the hardships that you endure as a teenager will make you a better parent/person and a stronger adult!

Kristin: .you dont deserve to be treated like this. Do not waste 8 years of your life being unhappy. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. DUMP HIS ASS.

Nina: Don’t pass up the out of state university acceptance. Stop being Lazy, it will cause you to work harder later.

Emma: enjoy life and stop rushing to grow up, spend more time with your school work

Helen: Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of you, study hard and be true to yourself.

Elizabeth: Your still a loser! that’s what I would have to say to me!

Tammy: Take some of the pressure off of yourself and give yourself permission to relax! And-start a savings account where you just put $10 in each week! (It seems kind of like two conflicting comments, eh?)

I am sure there is more that we would like to tell ourselves but since we can’t remember every single moment, these are probably the ones that stick out the most to us. If you know a 16 year old – reach out to them and let them know that everything they are going through so have you. Yes times might be different but in the end we have all been there and done that. You just may be that person to save that 16 year old from doing something they will really regret when they are older. Don’t try to parent them (they have their own parents for that). Be an older brother or sister to them. They don’t need more friends…they need a mentor. Be there for them so they can talk honestly and open with someone. Be trustworthy, caring, and non judgemental. You never know the lives you can touch and who you will save.

Middle & high school years aren’t the easiest time in ones life. Thank God we all made it out alive!!!!

* I want to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in this and gave feed back. I was surprised at the amount of people that did respond. I honestly didn’t think that this many people would leave a comment. So thank you everyone! *


2 thoughts on “Dear 16 year old me,

    • What Megan is this? Took me by surprise that someone commented using my full name lol!!

      I posted mine in the post. I didn’t use my name but it says myself. I think it’s the second one that is listed.

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