The world didn’t end!

I have a problem that I think a lot of people have out there. There are no support groups out there to help with this problem either…or at least none that I have heard of. So this is something that I have to deal with and fight on my own. Thankfully isn’t not life threatening. There are ways for me to cope with this but I do not think there is a cure for this problem.  Well maybe there is but it is kind of drastic and I am not sure I want to go that route just yet. Maybe in the future but I really don’t see myself doing it. I want to spread awareness about this problem and let others know that they aren’t alone and that there is support out there for you. By me talking about my story I, in turn, hope to make others aware and help those who are going through the same thing. So here is my story…

I haven’t had this problem my own life it just came to be about 2 years and has gotten worse. I would have this problem from the time I woke up until I went to bed. It didn’t seem like much of a problem at first and I kinda of shrugged it off thinking that it would go away. I didn’t think that I had a problem until it started to interfere with my daily life. I didn’t think that I could go a day without this. I had to make sure that I was doing this so if anyone needed to talk to me or someone wanted advice….I had to be there to help them. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn’t there for them at that very second they needed me!? In my mind not a very good one. What if I missed out on some exciting news!? What if something bad happened to my friends and they needed someone to talk to!? What if I missed a great picture and couldn’t comment right away?! I didn’t want people to think that I wasn’t available to them when they needed me (for whatever reason). I know that I might sound crazy and that I am full of myself but I am really not! (On both accounts by the way).

If you haven’t figured out what my problem is by now, don’t worry because I am going to tell you. It’s called FBA….Facebook Addict. Yes, that’s right, Facebook! I thought that if I wasn’t the first to comment or ‘like’ something that my good friends and family had posted they would think that I didn’t care. How crazy does that sound!? Very, I know! I tried to justify it by saying that Facebook was my only line of communication with most of the people in my life. So I always had to be connected in order to be there when they needed\wanted me! Hey, it sounded really good in my mind!!! The world would come crashing down if I wasn’t logged in!!! All was not right in the world if I wasn’t connected with these people! Don’t you see how important it is that I am on FB all the time!? NO!?!?! What is wrong with you!? Ok, I am kidding about that but this is seriously what went and, to a point, still goes through my mind. But I found out something great yesterday!!! This news is so exciting that I MUST share it with the world!


Isn’t that great news?! People are still my friends. People still commented on pictures. People still wrote on my wall. People still sent me messages.

Ok in all seriousness though, the world didn’t end because I wasn’t glued to Facebook all day long. I mean, if it did then I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post now would I?! I don’t want people to take this next statement the wrong way but I have come to realize that I am not as important as I think I am to people. I don’t have to be the first to comment, ‘like’, or reply back to people as soon as they post something. I can do it hours later without them thinking I don’t care about them.

To conclude: I can spend time away from Facebook and the world won’t end. I can enjoy the time I have with my family without that voice inside me saying ‘You need to get on FB and check on everyone.’ The world won’t end because I am not on Facebook. So if you have this problem too please know that you aren’t alone and that there are people out there that have this problem too. Find someone that is going through this and talk with them about it. If you come to me about it though—don’t get upset if I don’t answer right away! You will get to the point where you won’t need FB 24\7….and FB doesn’t need you 24\7 either. It will still be there when you get back. You will still have friends when you get back. And if it’s something really important they want to talk to you about….then they will pick up the phone and call\text you. It will be ok & you will get through this!

*The intent of this is supposed to be funny more than anything. I am making fun of myself here. Parts are true but it’s mainly to be funny and light hearted. I hope you got a laugh at my expense!! (No really, I do!) Facebook isn’t all that serious anyways. I mean come on…it’s Facebook!!*


2 thoughts on “The world didn’t end!

  1. Battling a nasty Facebook addiction myself, but it’s hard to break because my business page is on Facebook and I’ve found that if I don’t reply back to people almost instantly, they get upset and take their business elsewhere. And since I’m already on for business purposes, why not just check out my friends’ profiles, update my status, reply to some messages, etc. 🙂

  2. I can see why you would be glued to FB! It’s almost (but not really) the same with my fan page, if I don’t respond or post on there then my fans end up not interacting with me. & then it takes awhile to get them moving again!

    It’s an evil, evil thing that FB! 😉

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