My Green Ugly Head

I know you have experienced this before where you have had an ugly green head and/or have seen someone with theirs. And if you haven’t, then I would have to say that you are lying šŸ™‚

This is one of my many green heads that are coming to light right about now. And I am doing my best not to comment on anyones Facebook status’Ā about them being with family or being able to have their family watch their kids for them while they go on a date or have a kidfreeĀ weekend. But inside I am saying my not so nice comments….no cursing, just things like ‘oh that must beĀ nice’ type stuff. This is not geared to anyone specificĀ just anyone who get’s this privilege. So here is my rants!

We used to live about 90 minutes from our family and since we have moved we are about 4-5 hours away. One of the reasons we moved away from our family was so that we wouldn’t be so dependent on them. We would ask them to help pay our bills and things like that, we have since we moved but nothing like before. And I don’t want to be near just so I would have a free babysitter…it’s more than that for me. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or what, but I just miss being around my family. I went back home during my oldest son’s spring break and it was so nice to just go over to their homes and see them. Call them up or them call me and say ‘Hey, wanna come over for dinner?’ Now I know we wouldn’t be at their house every night for dinner if we lived closer but it’s the fact thatĀ the ability was there. My kids love their grandparents & I want them to have a close relationship with them. And yes there is technology out there like Skype, cell phones, picture messaging, and things like that-Ā but it doesn’t compare to spending physical time with them.

I have wanted to move back for a few years now and have had some serious conversations about it with my husband. He knows how much I would love to be that close with them again (and he likes the idea) but he never wants to move back to where we are from. He has his reasons and as much as I want to say ‘I don’t care why you don’t-I do!’ – there are some valid reasons why we shouldn’t move back home. For one-the price of things are just too expensive back home. We would be paying double in rent for something smaller than we have now. Traffic is absolutely HORRIBLE back home. And let’s be honest-I am sure my parents wouldĀ drive me crazy…oh wait- they already do šŸ˜‰Ā He feels that after moving away from home he has closed that chapter in his life and I respect that. We do have some plans of something in the works but it will take some time to get there. I am not saying what they are because if it doesn’t happen, well, then that would suck BIG time!

So for now we are having to use Skype to see each other and post pictures on Facebook. We usually don’t get together unless it’s a big occasion……ie-Christmas, birthdays, weddings….things like that. And honestly, I am so thankful we have those times together. Even though they may be spread out and it doesn’t happen many times in a year, I love that we can get together for those times.

So to those people thatĀ are near family and have the abilityĀ to see them wheneverĀ they want…..don’t take that for granted! There will come a day when they won’t be there (for whatever reason) and you will want them there. Love them to death and let them know you care about them! Cherish your family!

PS- I love my parents (all 4 of them) and they don’t drive me as crazy as they used too! šŸ™‚


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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