Oil spill

That’s right….we had an oil spoil today at my house! Thankfully no animals or humans were injured in this terrible spill.

Ok, it was just vegetable oil and it was only in the kitchen, but it still wasn’t fun to clean up! It happened between the time that my husband left for work and me waking up this morning….which wasn’t much time at all. My youngest open the container (somehow…still not sure how) and poured the entire contents of the bottle!!!! Some of it was tracked through the house but that was the easy part to clean up. After my husband got home from work he helped me clean up the big parts! It smelled like fried food in the house all day today! Made me want to eat fair food!

And I think that I have found a temporary solution to him entering the kitchen. Hopefully this will work! I will make another post with a picture showing you. I have another solution in the works that my mother-in-law is helping me with and will talk about that in the post with the picture.

But anyway- like I said, no one was injured and all is cleaned up! What a day! Hope you all are having a better Saturday then I did 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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