New Season Update 04/08/11

Hey Guys! Well I think it’s been one week since I talked about starting a new season in my life. I started last Friday with some things but as the week went on I was loosing momentum and running out of power. The first time that I talked about changing was the housework, or lack thereof that I was doing. I did really well up until Thursday afternoon. I think that I just wore myself out from the pervious days. I haven’t touched housework since Thursday and it’s now Saturday night. I don’t think that I will need to work that hard now though because I had so much catching up to do when I started. Now it’s more or less maintaining what I have just done. The second thing that I was going to try and work on at the same time was the way that I talked to my kids. Again, same thing here, I did really well at the beginning of the week and as it went on, my patience just started to wear too thin. But I also think that has to do with the lack of sleep that I have been getting + all the house work was wearing me out. But I didn’t start to snap until Friday, so I went a week with less yelling and more talking with my kids.

I have to be honest and feel kind of lost without my schedule but I have had less of a headache not having it around. I thought that I would be running around like a chicken with their head cut off without but I actually was able to get more accomplished without then when I had one…..go figure! Instead of my olds way- I am now doing a room by room kind of thing. I tackle one room, regardless of how long it takes me, and then moving on to the next. I am also maintaining (for the most part) those rooms that I have just finished.

We really need to declutter over here and have talked about having a yard sale soon to just get rid of the things we no longer need\want anymore. I also went through my children’s seasonal clothes like I do every season. That took about 2 days! I didn’t realize we had so much seasonal clothing for them! Now I have two laundry baskets full of summer clothes that don’t fit them anymore & winter clothes that need to be put away until it’s time to have them try those one. I am hoping to get two big Rubbermaid containers to put all this stuff in. I love Rubbermaid and they are fairly cheap & really durable. I have one container that I have had since 2006 and it’s been through 3 moves and it’s just holding on strong!

Lastly (I think) I would just like to say ‘Thank you’ to those supporters & followers out there that are keeping up with this. I am opening to hearing any advice, tips, tricks, or anything else that you would like to share when you have went through something like this. Or even just cleaning tips to clean better and faster. If you would like to suggest anything, please do so! Your comments are more than welcome here!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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