Celebrating Earth Day

Received this email from Simple Green, check it out!

Another year has passed and here we are, staring down the dawn of another Earth Day. Many of us have done the little things to mark the day each year when we remember that Mother Earth is our greatest treasure… we’ve replaced light bulbs, audited our appliances and homes for energy efficiency, some of us have even taken up walking or riding bicycles to local stores and other establishments. But there is more to do, and this year we want to go bigger — we want to do more and have a bigger impact. So here are a few ideas for how you can do something new for Earth Day.
Volunteer for a clean up! Local parks, beaches, trails, gardens need your help — get out there, roll your sleeves up and get involved. GET DIRTY! If there isn’t an organized clean-up action going on your neighborhood, get your friends and neighbors together and do one on your own. Your local parks and beaches will thank you.
Join your local conservation group or club. Learn more about native and non–native plants in your area; help plant the right stuff; clear trash & debris so trees and other plants can thrive. If there is no local group to join, maybe just have a “garden party” and invite your friends to come over and learn together what is native to your area — your local library can be a great resource, and so can the internet. Maybe even give your friends and neighbors seeds or seedlings of local, native plants for their own gardens.
Join area recycling events — or organize your own event. Bottles, cans, plastics, newspapers… it’s all recyclable. You might even earn a little money for a local charity or youth organization — a big bonus! You can also collect reusable items like clothing and furniture and donate them to local shelters or other charity groups (www.salvationarmyusa.org).
If you aren’t able to get out and about in your community, or if you haven’t done the little things mentioned in past Simple Green newsletters, then start at home. Do a “home greening” project that may include weather stripping doors and windows, cleaning furnace filters and dryer vents, establishing a recycling bin, and of course, switching to non-toxic, biodegradable SIMPLE GREEN for all of your cleaning needs. You’ll conserve energy, save money, and reduce waste… and Mother Earth will thank you.
Great Ideas & Fun Facts about Earth Day!
Here are some great ideas and fun facts about Earth Day for kids of all ages!
Idea — set up a recycling program at home if you don’t already have one. Have the kids create bins or boxes for paper, plastic and aluminum, and set a schedule for when recyclables will be delivered to the local recycling station.
Fact — Recycling 1 aluminum can results in 97% less water pollution and 95% less air pollution than creating a new aluminum can from raw materials.
Fact — Recycling 1 glass jar saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours.
Fact — Making new paper products from recycled paper materials uses at least 1/3 less energy than making new paper from wood pulp (trees). It also saves trees and creates 74% less air pollution.
Idea — April is not only Earth Day (April 22) but also Arbor Day (April 29), so go out and celebrate both by planting a tree.
Fact — The largest living thing on Earth (that we know about!) is a tree in California’s Sequoia National Park. The tree is named General Sherman and weighs approximately 6,720 tons.
Fact — The shade from 1 well-placed tree can reduce the energy needed to air-condition a home by 10-50 percent, depending upon the size of the home.
Fact — The leaves of trees and other green plants produce oxygen, the gas that people and animals breathe to live.
Idea — Think of other things that you can re-use or re-purpose around your home… things like wire hangers, paper towel rolls, coffee cans and more.
The plastic rings used to hold together a 6-pack of soda are not biodegradable, and are very dangerous to birds and other wildlife.
Wire hangers can be gathered up and returned to your dry cleaner for reuse, OR they can be used for craft projects — you could make a back scratcher, a fly swatter, a letter holder, a plant hanger and much more — try looking online for some craft ideas using wire hangers!


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