Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have 4 children and only one of them is a girl. I can definitely tell a difference in the way they act, talk, think, and everything else. I mean you are probably thinking, well yes of course they are different, the are different sexes! I knew they would be different but I didn’t know how much until my daughter started getting older. Now she is only 3 but she acts like she is 16!

My boys don’t respond to me like she does nor do they try and imitate me or the things I do like she does. I have some bad habits (verbal and non verbal) that I have noticed that she has really started to pick up on.

For example, I crack my knuckles. My boys have never tried to do it nor do I think they have even noticed. But my daughter definitely has and I didn’t even realize it until a few weeks ago. We were sitting in our vehicle waiting for either her brother or father and she started getting upset. I turned around and asked her what was wrong. She whined “I can’t do this” and made a motion with her hands. I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell me at first, so I just kept asking her until I got it. She wasn’t able to make her fingers crack like mine do. I tried to explain to her that she shouldn’t do it because it’s a bad habit. But I understand that since I do it, even when I’m not aware that I do it, she still sees me do it and therefore must be ok.

I have caught her doing it a few times and sometimes she comes up to me and says “Look Mommie, I did it!”. She is so happy and proud that she can do this. And again, I try to explain to her that she shouldn’t be doing it. But in the end, I am the one that has to stop doing it so she sees that it’s not something that she should do. Because, after all, if she doesn’t see me do it then she would probably forget about it all together.

Now this isn’t the only thing she tries to do like me, but the other’s aren’t bad habits 🙂
But what I hope you get out of reading this is that even when you think your children aren’t watching you (good or bad) they are! They will do the things that you do and say because you did or said those things. And they don’t do it to annoy you or anything like that, they do it because you are Mom & Dad and they want to be just like you! So always remember the little eyes and ears that are around you and pick and choose what you do & say around them. It may not always be a ‘bad’ thing that you are doing in front of them, but just be prepared for them to pick up on it and eventually start doing it themselves.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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