Getting Old

I am 27 and my husband will be 30 this year……we are getting old 😉

My husband loves watching and playing soccer! He played on a team last spring and fall but didn’t play the winter league. So when the spring league started this year he was excited and ready to sign up!
In preparation to the season starting he started playing some pick up games and playing around with our kids. The kids and I went to a pick up games a few weeks ago and he had collided with another player and fell to the ground. He was a little sore the next day and he thought that he had pulled a muscle on his right side. Well that pain went away and we thought nothing of it until…….

Until this one day. We were going somewhere in the truck, I can’t remember where, and he sneezed. As soon as he sneezed he grabbed his side and said ‘Ouch!’ I started laughing and joking about how he is getting old! It’s always been a joke between us that he is older then me. But anyway, now every time, or close to, he sneezes his side hurts.

Who would have thought that a little sneeze would cause pain?! So yea, we are getting old 😉


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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