Birth Control & Kids

I forgot to mention in the Bras & Panties post to add this because it came up in the status that people were going back and forth with.  So please click here to read the Bras & Panties post.

Ok, so the status was about bras, panties, & teenagers but someone brought up birth control and when this woman wanted to put her daughter on it.
I will tell you the basics of what she was saying about this topic and then I will tell my personal feelings on this.
So here is what this lady was saying (not exact but close):

She was saying that once her daughter (I’m not sure how old her daughter currently is) turns 11 she is putting her on BC no matter what. She was saying that her mother did it to her and so she wanted to do the same with her daughter. She was also saying that she wasn’t going to be too strict with her daughter because when you are strict your child will rebel more, so she wanted her daughter to be safe when she turns 11.
It went on a little more, but I can’t really remember. But you get the jist of what her thought process was.

So here is my take on kids & BC:

I know that some girls & women need to be put on BC to help them during their period because of pain, headaches, and all the good stuff. I understand that reason to put a child (17 and younger) on BC. In my opinion if you put a child on BC you are giving them the ‘ok’ to have sex because they are protected. Even if you tell them to wait and explain everything that could happen, it is still an ‘ok’. If you have taught your daughter (boys too, but not the topic) to wait until she is married to have sex and really had a heart to heart with her about it and told her that the TV shows and everything that contain teen pregnancy aren’t all flowers and butterflies, and have been 100% honest with her, then there is a lesser chance of her wanting to have a baby and wanting to have sex. Yes I know that in the end it doesn’t matter how you raise your children because they will grow up and makes thier own choices. BUT that doesn’t mean that you should teach the right way. I think it is so wrong to put a child on BC just because you want to protect your daughter…..if she isn’t having sex there is no need to protect her! I understand that kids/teens are having sex & doing things at a younger age then when I was in school, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok and that you should go along with it. I also understand how hard those school years can be…believe I know! But instead of looking for the school, church, or their friends to educate them on sex, you as the parent need to take the step to talk to your children about sex. That is your responsibility-no one elses’. I just cannot see the reasoning behind putting a child on BC!

Please share your thoughts and feelings on this topic!


One thought on “Birth Control & Kids

  1. Wow, that’s appalling! I agree, it’s like giving your child the go-ahead to have sex young (11 years old?!?!). Sounds like that mother is looking for the easy way out of parenting. Give the kid a pill so you don’t have problems. How about spending time with your daughter, talking to her and setting good examples?

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