New Sister Site

That’s right people….we are adding another sister site! This one I am sure A LOT of you can relate to.

So without further-ado, please help me welcome Weight Loss MommieVentures!!!!

She isn’t going to start the exersicing part until Monday but I think she said that she would post something before then. So be sure and ‘like’ her so when she does start posting you won’t miss out!

I am still adding the link to all the pages and adding this on her blog, so please bare with me while I am in the process of doing that! I know that she is excited and so am I to be adding this to the MommieVentures family 🙂
I hope that you all will join in on this to share your stories, struggles, success, and anything else! Here is the link to her fan page! May even add some videos to MommieVentures Youtube Channel!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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