Bras & Panties

I have a friend on Facebook and she posted a status over the weekend about a topic that I am sure mothers with daughters (and even some without) have something to say about this. A debate had started on her status that I am sure she didn’t intend to happen. But you are more than welcome to start a debate here about this topic.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this. I am going to copy and paste her status here:

Ok, have to see if anyone else is as disturbed by this as I am. I saw a sheer lace bra and panty set in the little girls section today.
They were gold and silver and shiney and the panties were thongs….WITH A TRAINING BRA!!!

Ok, so go ahead and share your thoughts, feelings, and any experince you have had with this topic…..GO!


7 thoughts on “Bras & Panties

  1. I haven’t seen these but having two daughters of my own I think it’s disgusting. There is no way I would let my child wear something like that. She is too young and doesn’t understand, nor does she need to, what sexy is. Say what you want but I think the same thing about baby girls in string bikinis. We need to protect our kids from the rest of the world trying to make them grow up too fast

  2. This is disgusting to me. I have a one year old. I can’t even imagine how its going to be by her age. I think I got my first pair of “sexy” underwear when I was 18, graduated, and bought them with my own money!

  3. crazy… why must we introduce these things to our children so early??? I wore UNDEROOS until I was like 14!!! The “fashion” community needs to stop trying to make like girls (and that is what they are little girls) look like 21 year old strippers!!! I agree with others NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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