We have decided to move to TX this summer after school is out. We aren’t sure exactly what city but it would be in or around the DallasFort Worth area. My husband will either transfer within the company he works with now or will find another job. Not sure of any details yet.

I tend to find myself on Craigslist looking at what homes are avaiable to rent, even though we aren’t going just yet. I found one that I really like the other day! It’s big inside and out & even comes with a barn that has electricity and surround sound in it! I emailed the lady and, wishfully thinkinghoping, that she will hold the house for us. I know that it won’t happen but, again, wishfully thinking! I just really love this house. I also asked if she could send me more pictures of the inside, she had some but I wanted to see more.

I cannot wait until it gets closer to the time that we are wanting to move! The wait is killing me! There are times that I get so excited about it and then others when I get blah about because I know there isn’t much to do this far out. I did price a uhaul truck and it’s less than I expected-so that was good!

But as far as all of that, there isn’t much else that we can do right now. Will update along the way. It won’t be daily are anything like that (well maybe with posts just saying how much I want to be there (:) but once we get closer to the actually moving date, I will have more information.

Until then-thanks for reading and following!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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