Birthday Weekend

We had a birthday party this past weekend! Cake, presents, family, and friends…well one friend showed up and with the exception of few (who had legit reasons to not coming)….but I won’t go into how I wasn’t happy about that!

Almost all of our family was there this weekend! We always love spending time with them because we live anywhere from 4-6 hours away and usually only see them on special occasions. Saturday was fun filled! The kids received bedding, clothes, and a few toys! We had bought bubbles and chalk for the kids to play with because it was so nice out!

But our March birthday party is not just celebrating one birth, oh no, we have 3 March babies (5th, 21st, & 31st)! So while they are still young enough we combine their birthdays into one party…much easier that way and less expensive!

Of course our time with family never seems to last as long as we would like them to…the weekend always goes by too fast when we are with them. Sunday morning we went out to breakfast with everyone before they hit the road headed back home. It was so nice because we got an area in the restaurant that was sort of blocked off from everyone else. So, for the most part, the kids didn’t have to stay seated and could run around a little bit. Another plus to having family here, my husband and I actually had a meal with no interruptions and didn’t have to scarf down our food to tend to the kids. Thank you grandparents for that one!

My kids never enjoy saying ‘Goodbye’ to their grandparents. They start to get sad and usually don’t want to talk to anyone and sometimes don’t even give hugs & kisses and goodbyes to the grandparents because they are just too sad. This time seemed a little bit better….except our daughter. She just turned 3 and I think is started to get attached to certain family members, which I think is normal and I am sure that ‘the’ person will change as she gets older. This time around was her Nana and Grandpa (my mom and step dad). She wasn’t happy at all! Cried and asked for them all of Sunday and earlier this week. She knows that she can call them on the phone though if she wants, so we are doing that and I think that has helped her. Everyone is back to ‘normal’ but we do miss the grandparents when they aren’t here…stupid distance 😉

Here are some pictures from the party, enjoy 🙂

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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