Little Grips

“An eating utensil designed just for toddlers. Little Grips toddler utensils make toddler feeding-time easy and enjoyable for you and your child.”

I don’t know about you but when my children were learning to eat (my youngest still has issues) they were very messy! Yes some of it was because of their age and learning, but I think some of the blame fell on the spoon/fork they were using. With other utensils they are just like adult spoons/forks but children don’t have the instinct to hold them like we do. They like to grab the utensil and shove it their mouth.  Have no fear, there is now a solution!

Little Grips has solved this problem! Little Grips spoon/fork handles are horizontal instead of vertical, which will make the learning process much easier and more on their terms. After they learn with Little Grips then , I feel, that transitioning to ‘normal’ spoons and forks is easier when using Little Grips first.

If you have a little one who is starting or will be starting to feed themselves soon, I will encourage you to check out Little Grips!
If you are going to purchase them and/or have already, please let a comment below telling me about them!

Want more information about Little Grips? Check out the following pages!

‘Little Grips are for little hands’


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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