Boycott American Women

Now that I have caught your attention, please read this blog and share your thoughts! I will share mine later.


14 thoughts on “Boycott American Women

  1. Okay…after reading that blog, I am a little confused, a little offended, and a little entertained. Is this a joke? What women are they talking about? I certainly don’t feel like I fit their “American woman” profile!

  2. Ok first these “men” see women that are more like servants then people. They want someone they can run over rather than a loving equal. One guy said bc they have a degree in such and such which just speaks to the fact that he is scared to be with a woman that has ideas. Yes there are lots of women out there that are brainless and prob worthless. Women will tell you themselves it’s hard to deal with the drama! The American image that’s being put out there is not one I’m proud of and certainly not how I am or would allow my daughters to be

  3. John- why do you hate women who you have never met? The media puts out so many sterotypes of the American women that are not true. Some are what the media portrays, but not all. I have been with my husband for five years now, and even to this day he tells me how happy he is. Even while reading this blog to him. He laughed and simply said that it was sad because not all American women are what you think they are and you could miss out on having a great women by buying into media stereotypes. I just want to say that I am not feminist in any way, but by having the reactions that you have you are playing right into their hands. Really, it isn’t right to hate one group of people because of stereotypes. Dislike the women who have treated you wrong, but disliking EVERY American women because of some bad experiences is really sad. I know I can’t change the way you think, but please know that your words are offensive and untrue and by lashing out you just seem childish and bitter.

  4. ugh i love sexist men. im going through a divorce as we speak, and honestly i have NOT taken anything from my husband. no furniture money. i gave him enough to pay his bills and since me and my son have to start over he gave me the remaining tax money. not all women take a man for what hes worth when a marriage goes sour. i think some girl broke his heart in high school and hes been bitter every since.

    what a pig.

  5. Oh wait, nevermind. You are just another horrible anti-male American slut woman, MommieVentures. Have fun growing old alone with your 10 cats after your boyfriend/husband (if you have one, that is) dumps your ugly fat ass for a hot foreign woman!

  6. Huh! Wish I could boycott American women. Can’t though. Most of the girls I see have that whole black yoga pants, big sunglasses, brunette look, and they’re not only as good as they think they are, they’re better, oh damn! I wonder why they’re not even more cocky, to be perfectly honest. I’ve visited 2 other countries, and American girls? No way to beat them. Not like this! I wish I could do what that guy says, not feed their egos/vanity, whatnot. But I can’t.

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