Initials, Inc. (Erinn Giblin)

Hi! I’m Erinn Giblin, and I’m proud to say that I am a Creative Partner with a fabulous company called Initials, Inc.  Initials, Inc. is a national Home Party Plan company offering only the best in personalized products.  As a result, Initials Inc. has blossomed into a personalization company like no other. Through parties, catalogs, and more you will discover a wide array of super cute, sassy, and durable bags, totes, towels, purses, and organizational tools among a ton of other items. We seek to blend quality products with unique creative opportunities. Every item in our catalog comes with free personalization which includes over 40 different ribbon trim options, limitless combinations of embroidery colors and fonts, and a collection of personality icons to boot!
Right now, I am having a Spring/Summer Celebration to celebrate the early release of 10 Brand New spring catalog items! (See Attached Flyers!) Visit my facebook fan page to learn how you can win $100 worth of beautiful products!

As a creative partner, I am always looking to inspire women daily. Initials, Inc. has created a wonderful opportunity for me to gain some independence by earning extra income, meeting new women, and truly enjoying what I do. We believe in dreaming big and making those dreams reality. I encourage other women out there to consider joining my Initials, Inc. team so they may experience the same rewarding opportunities Initials, Inc. has made possible for me. There’s only one you, and there’s only one now! Here are some of the amazing reasons I joined Initials, Inc.
Outstanding Career Plan
Fun Business Opportunity
Free Personalization—always!
25% commission on everything you sell
Incredible bonus opportunities
Online ordering through your replicated website
Electronic customer Newsletter
Amazing incentive trips and rewards
For a limited time, you can join Initials, Inc. for just $11! (See Attached Flyer) Visit my website below or contact me for additional information. I would love to tell you more about this exciting opportunity!

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