Newborn in the House

I have a friend that lives near me and she just recently had her 3rd baby, a little girl! Usually I watch her boys for her so she can take HJ to the drs and/or they just come over and hang out. The boys are with their father this week and I received a text from her asking if her and HJ could stop by. Of course I said sure! So anyway, she was complaining of some pain that she had the previous week and that she felt like it was getting worse. So I told her to go to the ER and I would watch HJ for her. So she went and I had a newborn in the house! HJ is only 1 month old!

Shortly after she left I had to leave and pick up Mark from school. Everyone is ready and we are ready to leave and then I go to pick up my purse, HJ, and HJ’s diaper bag…boy did I forget what it was like to have a newborn! My youngest is almost 2 so it hasn’t been that long since I have a newborn, but it sure it feel like it! As we were waiting for my oldest son to get out of school and HJ started to get upset because it was time for her to eat. As I was getting her bottle ready I was thinking to myself how I was going to feed her and then, out of nowhere, my second oldest pipped up and said that he wanted to feed her. I said sure! He loved feeding her! You could tell that he enjoyed it and that he was proud of himself for doing it too! Then we get home and I take her out of her carseat so she can stretch and play alittle bit. All of my kids hovered around her and wanted to give her toys and their snack. I had to explain to them that she just wasn’t old enough to eat and play with them like that. Coleman thought HJ was funny! Everytime she moved or he saw her, he just started laughing. Crazy kid! Then when Jill (HJ mom) came Coleman wanted to be a big help and pick up the carseat with HJ in it and give it to Jill. He tried very hard to pick it up and even threw in some grunt noises!

I can’t believe that all my kids were that tiny and it almost, *almost*, makes me want another one!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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