Kentuckys New Law

In a bill filed this week in the Kentucky House, people receiving public assistance like food stamps would have to be drug tested prior to receiving help.
The bill was filed by both Republicans and Democrats, and Republican Rep. Jim DeCesare says he will vote for it if it comes to the House floor.


“It’s important that we make sure that people who are getting special assistance from the state aren’t using those funds that they’re getting to purchase and buy drugs instead of food and other things they need for their families,” said Rep. DeCesare.
The bill would cover anyone receiving public assistance including monetary assistance, food stamps, or medical assistance.
After the initial drug test, they must pass a new one every year.
Bowling Green grocery store cashier Janice Hood checks out a lot of people with food stamps and says she agrees with the bill.
“They’re obviously hopped up or they’re buying candy and potato chips with the food stamps that my tax dollars help pay for and like i said, if I’ve got to get drug tested for my job, I feel like folks should have to get drug tested for their benefits,” said Hood.
Positive drug test results will not be given to police.
“There are no criminal punishments but they can lose their assistance if they do test positive,” added Rep. DeCesare.
He says the money should be used for its intended purpose.
“We want them to use that money for the things they need to survive. Drugs are not needed to survive,” said Rep. DeCesare.
A statement Janice Hood certainly agrees with.
She said “I don’t think it’s fair for the public to have to pay for their habits.”
This kind of bill has come up before and not made it through.
If anyone refuses a drug test, they are immediately ineligible for any kind of government assistance.

This is my opinion on this law. It’s not right or wrong, just simply my opinion.

I think having people who are on assistance get a drug test is wonderful! I am sure there are more people out there that we don’t know about that are using the system to feed a habit and aren’t using it as intended. I disagree with the statement made above saying that they won’t tell the police….I think they should! The majority of Americans don’t want drug dealers and people who use them to be out in the streets. They should forward their information to the police!

On the other hand what about the children of these parents? If their parent(s) test positive on a drug test then those children go without food because their parent(s) are more worried about getting their next hit then there are about feeding their child. I just don’t think it’s right that these kids would be going without and there isn’t anyone looking out for them. Why should these children be punished and their parents get no consequences for having tested positive on a drug test?! Something just doesn’t seem right with this picture.

Yes, I think that people on assistance should be drug tested but what about alcohol? Not saying that people on assistance don’t buy beer or anything, but I am talking alcoholic. What about those that are selling their food stamps for alcohol? But I guess we should tackle one mountain at a time. Why not have home visits to people on assistance? That way you could see if there were issues going on in the home, and if there is, point those parents in the right direction to bettering their lives and kicking the habit? Yes I understand that there wouldn’t enough man power to do that, well then hire them. We would be boosting the economy that way also by providing jobs to people.

But my thought still is, what about the kids who have parents that test positive? Those kids are still going to be without because their parents don’t know how to grow up and lay off the drugs. I don’t know, maybe I am just not seeing the whole picture or something. I just don’t think it’s right to punish the children when their parent(s) test positive on a drug test. I mean, it’s there something that we can do for them? My thoughts are going a hundred miles a minute right now on this topic, so if I am not making any sense, that would why. lol!

What are you thoughts on this? Would you agree to a drug test if you were on assistance? Share your thoughts about this and maybe you can make more sense then I do 😉


2 thoughts on “Kentuckys New Law

  1. Those were my exact thoughts! Part of me was thrilled that this was finally put into action, but then I immediately worried about the children of the addicts who are denied assistance.

  2. It just worries me that this law will be put into place without consideration for the children involved. Those kids deserve more then that and I don’t want them to fall to the wayside because their parents are hooked on drugs.

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