Finding Teasures

Ok, so maybe it’s not a treasure but I wasn’t expecting to find what I did in the dishwasher earlier today when I went to unload/load it!

Do you remember the post I just made recently about my youngest son always being in the kitchen? Well, if not, click here!

So anyway, I opened the dishwasher to unload it and I always unload it the same way…..bottom rack first and then on to the top rack. So I finish up the bottom rack and I open the top rack and what do I find!? My youngest sons favorite toy that he had gotten for Christmas, a toy phone. I wasn’t sure if he had put it in after the dishwasher had finished running or before. So I go to play with the toy to see if it works and, of course, it doesn’t! He is going to be so mad when he realizes it doesn’t work anymore……my husband on the other hand may not be 😉
I feel bad that his toy got ruined but I have told him to stay out of the kitchen and not to open the dishwasher and not to put things in the dishwasher! Hopefully this won’t happen again because I want my kids to play with the toys that are given/bought for them…..but it’s a good lesson for both him and I to learn. We already know his lesson and you might be thinking to yourself what could have learned from this?! But I think that I could take a few extra seconds out before starting it to make sure nothing is in there and when he does stop it, because I know it’s bound to happen again, to check at that time to make sure nothing was shoved in there.

At least it didn’t stop my dishwasher from doing it’s job 🙂


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