At What Lengths Would You Go!?

I have a VERY good friend whom I have been friends with since middle school and we keep in contact through FB and texting. We haven’t seen each other in a verrrry long time! But even with the distance, we are still very close and I love her dearly.
But, she puts up with way more then I *think* I would. I say *think* because I have never been  put in the situations that she is currently in or have been in.

She is going through what I would call a rough spot because of the way people are treating her in return for you being so giving to those not so nice people! Most of the time it’s for her ex , his wife, and her kids or her ex-inlaws. I tell her all the time I don’t know why or how she keeps doing it and then she said something to me the other day and I got it! It might be simple and a ‘duh’ moment for most, but I didn’t get it until she said it to me. I said something along the lines of ‘I don’t think that I would have as much patience as you or put up with all that’ and she said right back to me, without skipping a beat, ‘You would be amazed at what you go through for the sake of your kids’. She is not only a great person and friend, but what an awesome mother! She is putting everything that these people put her through aside and being the bigger person so that her children aren’t affected and still have a relationship with their father and his family. Now I can say that not everyone (including me) would do everything that she does, so applauded her for this!

She is such a strong woman and I don’t think people give her enough credit and I really think that people should stop taking advantage of her and start being thankful! Now these people will never read what I have just said, but I am hoping one day they will realize what crapfaces they were to her and say they are truly sorry!

To the woman that this is about, I love you to death & you keep doing what you are doing! You reap what you sow and my friend you have one hearty harvest coming your way. I admire you and respect you so much for everything that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do! I tip my hat to you! Keep your head up and know that I am always here for you no matter what!


3 thoughts on “At What Lengths Would You Go!?

    • My best friend is just like that, we have also been friends since middle school and her ex is about as crappy of a father as they come.
      But she refuses to make her life easier by cutting him out, as long as her ex wants to be around she’s not going to force him out. She doesn’t want to rid her son the chance of having a father just because he’s a jerk and a half.
      I don’t know how she does it either, but since you put it the way you did in your blog i COMPLETELY understand now.

      -military MV

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