Something I Just Realized

Let me start off by saying that I like things a certain way and if you don’t do it that way then, in my eyes, it’s wrong. Over the years of being with my husband and him doing it the ‘wrong’ way, I have learned that it isn’t wrong, but different.
Also when I have let my kids help me with things I end up getting annoyed and just telling them to go play and I do it myself because they do it the ‘wrong’ way.

My youngest child is a boy and he is attached to me wherever I go. My husband, jokingly, always says that he needs to cut the cord already. Most days it doesn’t bother me but there are some days that I am tripping over him because he will not give me my space. He is also the biggest helper out of all the kids. He loves to help me out with laundry, dishes, cleaning messes, anything he can help with-he is right there to do it. Usually I just tell him thank you and tell him to let me do it. I know that by doing that probably isn’t the best thing because I am hindering him from doing something that he obviously enjoys doing. Some days are better then others and I let him help out more. The one thing that I usually never let him help me with are the dishes. He likes to help me unload them. I don’t like to let him because there are so many things that he can hurt himself on and/or break.

So today as I was unloading the dishwasher, there he is standing there waiting to help, he is almost pushing me out of the way so he can get to the dishes. But this morning I had a change of heart. As the urge to tell him ‘No don’t touch that, let Mommie do it’ came over me, I pushed that aside and let him hand me the dishes. There were a few knives in there so I quickly grabbed those before his little chunky fingers got to them. I won that one! He was careful when handing me the dishes and made sure that I put the one dish away before handing me another one. It was so cute and I know that he felt like a big boy afterwards because he clapped his hands and said ‘I did it!’ in his baby jibberish that I can barely understand.

So what I think that I will start doing is letting them out help out a lot more. Not only will it benefit them to learn these skills, but it will also take a little bit of the pressure off of me when it comes time to doing housework. I would also like to take this moment and just tell all you parents out there that there is no wrong way of doing something, just different. Don’t hinder your children from doing something their way just because it isn’t your way. Different doesn’t mean wrong. Let them help out at their level and give them things to do that won’t hurt them and that they enjoy doing. It’s really not worth it in the end to tell them not to do something when it is very obvious that they enjoy doing it. Let go of your ‘wrong’ way – ‘right’ way method, let them learn and explore their way.

I hope you all will let your child(ren) help you out today in something that you would normally tell them ‘No’.  Watch them grow, learn, and most importantly be proud of themselves!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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