New Year’s Resolution Time

Yes I know that I am about 11 days late in posting this, but oh well, better late then never right!?

I thought that I would write mine out and share with you and maybe it will inspire you to make some positive changes in your life or give you encouragement towards whatever goals that you have already set for yourself.
I also thought that I would be specific when writing these instead of just saying things like ‘Be a better mother, wife, friend’. Anyone can say that but what does that really mean for you? Because that can mean different things for different people, what are you going to do to become a better {insert}?

So here goes, my new year’s resolutions:

  • Better eating habits
  • Lose weight
  • Not so judgemental (I usually do this in my head, so no one even knows that I do it probably)
  • Be more selective (In who I trust, let in my live…things like that)
  • Stronger/deeper marriage
  • Not yell so much
  • Pick my battles with my kids
  • More organized/reduce ‘stuff’
  • Keep a consistent schedule
  • Follow up my words with actions
  • Volunteer-this is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time!
  • Be happier/thankful/grateful
  • Smile at passing people
  • Take better care of myself/husband/kids
  • See a need-fill a need
  • Closer to God/read more/pray more
  • Get anger under control
  • More praise rather then critical
  • Make times for my hobbies/interests
  • Make date nights with husband and kids-seperately, not together
  • Love people where they are in their life.

Now I know that I cannot just jump in there and all of the sudden all of things will happen and/or fall into place, some of these things may take me the whole year to even achieve. Some of these things will be as easy as thinking before doing, opening my eyes to see what’s in front of me, or stepping back before reacting.  I will log about these things when they go good, bad, or just plain ugly! I am excited to see what I can do and how it turns out, but on the other hand a little scared because I know me and how it may turn out. But I know that if I put my mind to one or all of these things that I can and will do it!

If you want to change anything in your life don’t wait for a new year, month, week, day, or hour: go ahead and make the change! Those that truly love and support you, will be there no matter when you start your changes or how long it takes you to make the change!

(Wouldn’t it be nice if it were like this…..would help somethings get achieved much faster & better! Wishful thinking!!!!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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