Jack & Abby

I really wanted to post this on 11/17 but I completely forgot because I was having trouble with one post. So let’s all just pretend that today is the 17th again and that I was able to post this when I wanted too ūüėČ

Like I have said before I have never had a miscarriage (that I am aware of), stillborn, and have had a child of mine pass away for any reason & I can’t even imagine what the pain feels like of going through something like this. I remember when my youngest had to go to the NICU¬†after he was born, but by the time he arrived there, he didn’t need to be¬†there. But we did have to go through the discharge process. My heart broke when walking through those NICU doors everyday seeing all those babies in there….so little and helpless. Breaks my heart for the babies and parents.

Here is a story about a Mom & Dad and their precious little twins. They are adorable! Here is just alittle snippet of their story:

Other than experiencing morning sickness for 19 weeks, I had a pretty normal pregnancy. I saw my obstetrician (OB) every 2 weeks for the first 20 weeks and then weekly after that. I also saw a perinatologist¬†(high risk OB) monthly for ultrasounds. Then at 24 weeks I visited my perinatologist for a routine ultrasound. To my surprise, I was 1 cm dilated and immediately admitted to the hospital. I had no idea anything was happening, I did not feel any contractions. I have since learned how common this is and how difficult it sometimes can be¬†to determine¬†preterm¬†labor¬†symptoms. I was told I would probably be on bed rest in the hospital until I delivered‚ÄĒhopefully 15 weeks later.

Just 9 days later, on June 25th, 2009, our beautiful twins were born at 25 weeks 2 days. Jack Andrew was just 1 lb 11 oz and Abigail Renee, 1 lb 8 oz.  As I lay on my back, numb from the chest down from the emergency c-section, the nurses called to me to look as they showed me my babies and whisked them away to the NICU as quickly as they had appeared.

The experience of¬†the NICU is something we will never forget. They make you scrub up to the elbows and put on a clean gown for every visit. Then, after checking our ID bracelets, we walked through the first room of ‚Äúbig‚ÄĚ babies who were soon going home. Then we walked into the next room where there were maybe ten other babies, a few on ventilators and most in open cribs, with nurses or moms feeding them. We then continued to the very back where our tiny babies lay in their covered, temperature controlled, incubator beds with tubes and IVs in them. Our babies were the newest babies in there at the time. The procedure was that as they grew and their health improved, they would move up in the room and the newer, smaller, babies would come in behind them.
To read more about Stefanie & Karl’s twins, please click here.

Sadly the twins, Jack & Abby, didn’t make it.¬† And even though they will always be remembered by their parents and the rest of their family, they want to take their experience and help other’s who have been there. Here is their mission statement:

The Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is a dedicated organization of volunteers formed in 2009 to provide support for families with a baby(ies) in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or for those at risk for preterm labor. We do this by:

  • Increasing awareness and educating about the symptoms and risks of preterm labor; and
  • Providing financial assistance¬†to families in need with babies in the NICU

Below are some items that the Foundation will use donated funds toward:

  • Preemie car seats
  • Diapers
  • Preemie clothes
  • Formula
  • Breast pump rentals
  • Cribs
  • Food
  • Hotel stays/local housing options
  • Books

If you have been touched by this story, another story that you have heard, or have gone through something like this and would like to help out in anyway that you can, please follow this link to learn how! Just spreading the word about this foundation can be help enough.
Jack & Abby’s site has a lot of information on pre term labor to their sponsors and events! Tons of great information for you get and pass along.

I want to thank Karl & Stefanie for allowing me to share their story and site with my readers. It means so much to me when people allow me to share their stories!
Plus they are from my home town state….so you better show them some love ūüėČ They also have a Facebook page that you should ‘like’ if you want to stay up to date them what the foundation is doing!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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