Rebel: T/L/C’s

Now I am sure that you are asking yourself, what in the world is this and what does it mean?!
Am I right!? If I am..don’t feel bad, that’s the same thing I thought when I came across her site!

Rebel (verb) – to resist or rise against some authority, control, or tradition.
T/L/C’s = Tops, Lids, Covers!

How creative is she with her business name!? Love it!

How did I get my hands on this awesome product?!
I was a fan of hers (though I don’t remember how I came across her) and she posted that she needed help finding a certain fabric. So I emailed my fabric lady and asked her if she could help out. She looked and looked and couldn’t find what Kelli was looking for. I hated emailed Kelli and telling her that I came up empty handed. To my surprise, Kelli offered me a set of three lids in different sizes for my efforts in helping her! I was so excited! She has a TON of fabric choices to choose from and, to be honest, took me awhile to get back to her with which fabric I had picked out. I was so excited when I finally received them in the mail that I couldn’t wait to use them!

Speaking of using them….have you been asking yourself what do you use these for and on?
I know that you have probably come across a time when you put leftovers in a container only to realize that you don’t have a lip for it and then had to use foil or plastic wrap. Or have you been chopping an onion and only used up half of the onion? Well use a Rebel T/L/C as your lid to your bowl & just put the cut side of your onion, or anything else, on the inside of the covers and tada….you have it protected! You can have custom made sizes for those casserole dishes that you don’t have a lid for. There is elastic on these so one T/L/C can be used for different sized items.

Here is my favorite idea that Kelli came up with for using her T/L/C’s!

I made 2 batches of home-made honey wheat rolls the other night and when I went to put the leftovers away, I couldn’t find a bowl large enough to hold them all. So inspiration struck!

I put all the rolls into one Large T/L/C…And covered it with another Large! LOL! Worked great! The rolls were all enclosed and stayed perfectly fresh! ^_^

How creative is that?! I would have never thought of using these like that!
Now here are some ways that I have used my T/L/C’s & some pictures just to show you how big they are and what size items you can use them on!

Made some pudding and put in a glass bowl.

Showing all sizes. Put a CD case next to all of them so you can tell the different sizes.

Even has this nifty tab on it for easy removal.

There are a ton of things that you can use for your T/L/C’s! There is no limit! The best part….they are so easy to wash! Just pop them in with your towel/rag laundry and they come out clean and like new every time!
Please note that you CANNOT use them in the oven or microwave or extremely hot dishes as the nylon will melt.

Are you interested in these yet!? Well I hope that you are because here is your chance to win your choice of two styles in the fabric that you choose!

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*I received this product at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*


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