Marketplace Money Story: A habit of learning about money

Very proud of today’s Marketplace Money Story: A habit of learning about money
Please pass it along to all those interested in youth and family financial education.

Author, Social Entrepreneur, Founder, It’s a Habit

Award Winning Financial Education Since 2001
It’s a Habit! Celebrating 10 Years of Service in Financial Education

Awards, Honors, Acclaim, Distinctions Include:
– Own one the World’s Largest Libraries of Interactive Financial Education Audio Content that Includes Originals Songs, Stories, Discovery Games, and Exclusive Author Interviews
-A global leader in live, interactive financial education programming having delivered over 500 author and character presentations to more than 250,000 elementary students, educators, parents, adults in 7 countries and 35 states for 9 plus years.
-Journal of Family Consumer Science Article Detailing Positive Student Outcomes from Sammy Rabbit Products and Programs – University of Maryland Cooperative Extension “Parents and Teachers as Wealth Coaches” Project (2010-2006)
-Induction onto the Loyola Marymount Entrepreneurs Wall of Honor (2009)
-Multiple Honors-Awards Bestowed on Users of Sammy Products (2009-2007)
                -NEAFCS Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award, Megan O’Neil
                -Virginia Desjardins Award Outstanding Youth Financial Education, DuPont Community Credit Union
                -Virginia Desjardins Award Outstanding Youth Financial Education, Northwest Federal Credit Union
    -National Gold Medal for Ready, Set, Read Project, Texas FCCLA Teens
-Children’s Book of the Year, Institute of Financial Literacy (It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit) (2008)
-Selected for DoD Financial Readiness Initiative to deliver financial education programming and materials to military families
-California Jumpstart Coalition Leadership Award (2007)
-Selected to deliver Air Force Aid Society Family Financial Education Initiative (2007 to present)
-Appearances at the National Book Festival (2007-2009)
-Richard Myles Johnson Foundation Beacon Nominee (2004)
-National Jumpstart Coalition Soaring Star Nominee (2002)
-City of Los Angeles Proclamation – It’s a Habit! Savings Day! (2001)
New Products
Sammy’s Secret, Dream, and Discovery Audio CD $11.99
Two disc, 29 track CD that includes 3 fully produced audio stories with character voices; 19 original songs; 3 discovery games; and 4 exclusive author interviews
The Language of Saving! Vocabulary, Alphabet, and Spelling Activity Book $3.99
32 page activity book introduces and defines 34 key saving and money words
SPANISH Language Coloring Book – ¡Ahorrar es una Buena Costumbre! (Saving is a Great Habit!) $1.49
16 pages of coloring and explanations on how saving pays off.
Poster – Sammy’s Favorite Saving Saying $2.49

Colorfully illustrated poster with10 of Sammy’s Favorite Saving Sayings like Saving is a Great Habit!
Sammy In the News:
Landmark research confirms positive outcomes for both students and adults (parents-teachers-trainers) as well as gains in financial literacy.
Kiplinger Article: Saving with Sammy Rabbit
Institute for Financial Literacy Announces 2008 Award Winners: It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit – Book of the Year
Military Article: America’s Financial Experts Educate Military Families
Air Force Aid (AFAS) Website: AFAS Sammy Rabbit Financial Education Initiative
Picture Gallery: Sammy Rabbit Visits Local School
Video Sammy in Action: Get in the Habit
FCCLA Members Win Gold Medal, Article: Teens Pull Rabbit Out of a Hat

Here is a video as well!

*Copied and pasted this as it came to my email*

WooHoo to Sammy Rabbit and Sam! So happy for you that things are going great with this program!


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