Band Angels Update

The past couple of months have been very exciting for BandAngels.  We’ll just get right to it!
We were contacted several months ago by the National Examiner Magazine.  Each issue they run special giveaways throughout their magazine, and the November 8th issue is featuring BandAngels!  We are excited because this is a stretch for BandAngels – a magazine that is out of the Christian line of products.  It reaches approximately 1 million readers – how exciting to be able to spread God’s word to that many people at once!
Equally exciting is the recent order we received from Kenneth Copeland Ministries!  Soon they will begin advertising BandAngels on the show, website, and magazine.  So if this is part of your line-up of media, be on the look-out!
We also just learned some encouraging numbers from some of our distributors.  Altough they don’t all keep up with rankings, some do.  Last week out of all their products – bibles, books, music and gifts – BandAngels was number 16 on Parable Christian Stores products!  STL Distribution has us at number 25!
Another exciting piece of news:  We were just contacted by a medical missionary team visiting Senegal, West Africa.  We were honored to donate 1500 bandages to take to those precious children!!
Finally, many of you ask for updates about our granddaughter Riley (if you don’t know the story visit  She is doing fantastic.  She is the proud big sister of the newest member of our family, Sidney Belle! We’ve included a new picture, just taken a couple of months ago.  Thanks for your continued prayers!
Last year we had so many parents and grandparents tell us how great BandAngels were for Christmas stocking stuffers, so we are continuing the 3 boxes for $10.00 on the website,  There’s still plenty of time to order them for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and friends.
We are working on several more exciting projects and will update you again soon!  Thank you for continuing to pray for us – your support means the world!!
Tim and Tami

*Copied directly from the email that was sent to me. Be sure to check them out!*

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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