Angela’s Son’s Story

August 9th i was admitted to the hospital with severe pre eclampsia, my blood pressure was 188/118 so i was very high risk for a stroke/seizures. i had been seeing midwives and planned on delivering with one but as soon as i became high risk they switched me to an ob. my plan for labor was i wanted to try and do it naturally so i could be active and help myself naturally dilate, i knew something could happen though, especially with this being my first that i might change my mind! lol so after 24 hours of trying to get my blood pressure down and none of the medication doing anything my dr decided it was time to induce, because the baby could be distressed and the fact that he wasn’t already was amazing. so they started with pills to soften my cervix and hopefully get me dilating and after about 5 doses nothing happened, because of the blood pressure she did not want to give me pitocin so she broke my water in hopes that labor would start on it’s own, and again nothing was happening. i had some contractions but they were so mild that i didn’t even feel them. with as much pain the pre eclampsia was giving me i was practically begging for a c section once she was trying to decide how to proceed with my delivery.
so they prepped  me for my section and took me back and i literally could not stop shaking, i was so scared about the babys out come and i especially always had said that i really didn’t want to have a c section unless it came down to it, so the anesthesiologist was having a hard time giving me my spinal because of how hard i was shaking he hit a nerve a few times and the only way i can explain it was it felt like my entire left side got electrocuted, my nurses were so nice though and held my hand while i sat there crying and tried comforting me, once the spinal took it all became a big blur, my boyfriend chris came in and as soon as the babys head was out he got a picture, my dr was truly a champ because i remember hearing the one assisting her saying ‘you don’t even need my help assisting you’re quick’ but after the baby was out and they were stitching me back up my spinal wore off and i could literally feel everything they were doing, chris thought i was going to break his hand, he had just come back in to tell me the babys weight and height and he was so excited to tell me and my only response was ‘SHUT UP’ lol the anesthesiologist just put me under right then, i remember waking up after they were done and chris was still next to me wanting to share the news about the baby and i was like what?! i thought that was a dream he’s here?! he weighed 5 lbs 5 oz 18 inches long, very good size for his age(34 weeks) i got to see him for about 2 seconds as they wheeled me off to recovery, they came in to show him to me but i started puking so they took him away again and said once i was feeling better i could see him. so for the next few hours i either had my nurse or my mom, my sister, or chris holding a bag for me to vomit in while i held onto my incision (hurts like hell if you don’t) and i believe it was probably about midnight once i finally got to see him (he was born at 5:30 pm) he is in an incubator to keep his body temp up and he was on oxygen tubes called cpap for 2 days, after he got taken off those he went under photo therapy for jaundice for 3 days, and being fed through a syringe that pushed it through a tube that went down his nose. as of right now he is working on learning how to feed, at 34 weeks they are just learning how to suck in the womb so he’s slowly having to learn how to do so outside, i had been pumping every 3 hours to get my milk in so even the days i couldn’t be there with him i still felt like i was at least doing something for him. once my milk came in his nurses began feeding it to him through the syringe, i let them substitute formula until then so he could keep his weight up (he lost a pound after birth) for the week i was in the hospital i only could see him for about 10 minutes at a time before my head would start killing me again or my nausea would kick in, one of the first times we tried breast feeding him i started vomiting to the side with him on my chest.
today he is 8 days old, breathing on his own, and everytime we feed him he does better and better, we’ve had two succesful breast feeding sessions now where he latched real well and sucked off and on for at least 30 minutes, we still have to give him a bottle after though just to make sure he’s getting enough, but the nurses don’t force it they just say let him eat until he’s content, other wise through the syringe he has very set amounts, and he gets fed at specific times, they don’t like to move babys much in the nicu so every 3 hours, 12 3 6 9 and so on i can come in and take his temp, change his diaper, his nurse checks his blood pressure and his weight and then i get to feed him for at most an hour sometimes an hour and a half.
it’s not much but i am so proud of him and how well he is doing. he could have been in a lot worse shape at his age and he’s not, i can’t wait to bring him home!


2 thoughts on “Angela’s Son’s Story

  1. hi, i’m angela.. and i left my story with my son still in the nicu. he came home at 15 days old and is now 3 months old. he weighs almost 15 lbs now and is doing great.. developmentally he is like where he is where he should have been had he been born on his due date

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