Awesome News

About 2 months ago I had posted that my step mother found out that she had thyroid cancer.
It wasn’t an easy news to swallow. I didn’t know what to think & it didn’t hit me until later what was going on. I was talking to her about it and she said that if she were to get cancer, this is the best one to get.
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MB (step mom) had surgery in late September to remove her thyroid. She also had to take a radiation pill for 3 days. After she did this she went back to have everything checked out.
The results came back & she is now CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will still be on thyroid medication for the rest of her life & be checked out every now and then to make sure that the cancer doesn’t come back & other things.


2 thoughts on “Awesome News

  1. My husband had 2 surgeries for thyroid cancer. All the doctors told him it was the best cancer to get, which really irritated him. But now we are cancer free for the last 6 months so I am so happy. It is a much more simple surgery if caught early, the scary part is that it is called cancer. Thyroid cancer rarely kills people, according to the doctors, they said most people die WITH it than from it. Good to know, but I am glad it is out of his body! Congrats on your MIL results, it is such happy news.

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