When good women become Mom’s

I recently started watching a movie called Motherhood with Uma Thurman and even though I didn’t get a chance to finish it (my husband didn’t understand) it was amazing how woman change after becoming a mom. I have always thought that maybe it was “just in this area” or because the mom groups “had perfect moms”. But it is everywhere! Every mom is trying to prove how much better of a mom they are and how their kids are lucky to have them.

Can any Mom win in this game of competition? It is like we are in a football game.

On the Offense:
Organic only food mom with food made from kind farmers.
Gentle discipline mom where you discuss why the world isn’t fair to the kids.
Name brand mom my kids will wear the best even if they grow out of it in 2 days.
House sterile mom where germs are not welcome and you will be lysoled before you can come in.
No kids live in this house mom where you go over there and everything is layed out perfectly in white rooms with white couches and candy in a dish.

On the Defense:
At least it is food mom where we hope that the mac and cheese counts as a dairy .
So over it mom where their kids were driving them nuts and finally yelled at them they can’t talk till they are married!
Walmart mom where we know they grow out of them so fast we buy neutral colors so they can pass them down to their brothers or sisters in the same month.
Not sure what is growing in here mom where our house might be germ infested but suprisingly no one is ever sick.
My kids rule my house mom where from the moment you step in the house you trip over a toy and then gently try not to crush the cheerio’s into the carpet and wonder if they make a bigger toilet because boys can’t aim.

The ball is the baby and the audience is all the parents that have never had kids yelling out what things you should do even though they have no idea. The refs are our husbands pointing out every mistake but not fixing it. And the owners are our parents sitting in the VIP box and laughing the whole way because they saw it all coming!!

The score is 0-0 because no one wins. We try so hard to do everything that we think is right or as much as we can manage but the kids always win and if we were smart we would form a big team together supporting each other and learning from each other. I know I am not perfect I don’t remember when I took a shower or made a meal that didn’t come out of a box but I love my kids just as much as those mom’s that seem to have it all together. Being a mom is not easy and your always wondering if what your doing is right but it is so much harder when your afraid to ask anyone or say anything because you know that a mom is judging you and pointing out how much better they do things.

If we could just take off the uniforms and shields of protection and just hug each other and say
“Your a great mom no matter what you do” then I think our kids would benifit!

2 thoughts on “When good women become Mom’s

    • Thank you so much for your comment!

      I am not the author of this post. A friend if none wrote it and I published it on my blog. I have contacted her and shared your comment with her. I told her if she wanted to write more about it then I would be happy to post it. So keep checking back to see if she did!

      Thanks again for your comment!

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