Orgasmic Birth


Ok-now that I have given you a warning and (hopefully) the children’s eyes are somewhere else besides the computer screen, I want to talk to you all about something that has my interested peaked!

As most of you are mothers & have given birth to your child(ren), you know that labor and delivery isn’t the most pleasurable time of your life! It’s hard, painful, and a lot of work. Our minds are so far from anything to do with sex! Well expect maybe cursing your husband for getting you in this position! 🙂
But for the most part, L&D isn’t something that woman would describe as pleasurable. Am I wrong here!? I know that I am not the only one that thinks this way!

Of course I am not but there are some woman out there that would beg to differ with this statement. Who are these woman you ask and what are the smoking!? I was wondering the same thing!
A few years back when I was pregnant with my 4th child, I remember watching something like 20/20 on a Friday night (or whatever night it’s on) and hearing something about an orgasmic birth.
A what!? How in the world can orgasmic and birth be in the same sentence together!? It’s like an oxymoron!

I still don’t know a lot about this whole thing, but my interested is peaked (no pun intended) on this subject. To be able to focus on such a pleasurable thing when you are in so much pain is talented in itself…right!?

I am still reading on the website that I found about this topic and I also found the show that I had first seen this!
The video is here & the website I found is here.

I would love to hear what all you Mamas have to say about this! Is this something that you would be interested in doing with your next L&D? Do you think this is completely wack and you would never do this? Share!

Have you done this before? Was it a great experience for you like these woman in the interview describe it? Share!


8 thoughts on “Orgasmic Birth

  1. Wow!! I wish my labor and delivery was like that with Shyann. My first thought when watching this was “sign me up!” I would love to do a home birth and be in a relaxed environment like that, but I probably won’t be able to. But I think that’s amazing and awesome for those women!! More power to them!
    Single MommieVentures

  2. i loved both of my homebirths. while i wouldn’t call them orgasmic, there was certainly something very sensual and primal about them. it was an intensely physical experience in which i felt great power, release and joy. very similar to sex and orgasm. i believe wholeheartedly that birth and sex/orgasm are 2 parts of the very same experience.

    i don’t know that you can experience this in a hospital. but i have never had a birth in a hospital, so i don’t really know.

  3. I had an Orgasmic home waterbirth with my second and I tell EVERYBODY about it! Women should know birth can be pleasurable. It’s all about being comfortable with your surroundings, being supported and loved, releasing fear and being open to receiving the joy.

    • Dear Natalie,
      I am a 36 yr old midwifery student (and mother)from Germany researching for a paper on exactly this topic – ecstatic birthing. I am looking for women who had this experience and would be willing to share it, because I need some first hand experiences.
      Kind regards,

  4. I had an at home water birth with my first child 3 years ago and it was wonderful! There was pain, but it put me into a trance. The only times that the pain was hard to deal with was when I had to open my eyes or think about something else. If I had to worry about getting to the hospital, it would have been bad. But being in the comfort of my own surroundings, there was no fear which meant minimal pain and some pleasure! I am expecting my second in the upcoming weeks and am excited about doing it again. It will be even better this time. I know what to expect and fully prepared. With my first, as the placenta passed I had an orgasm. It was a surge of energy that had me ready to do it all over again. Imagine, laboring for 24 hours and feeling wonderful afterward!
    My opinion is that fear=pain. So… candles, comforting sounds and smells, and noone there but your midwives and partner are the perfect combination for an orgasmic birth. In fact, the less people the better. My son will be here, but he will be in another room with a friend. I want him to witness his sister being born. He is excited, I told him I am going to poop her out of my baby hole. Lol! (Well, he understands it that way.)
    My husband and I watched the Orgasmic Birth Movie and have decided to try that this time. We plan on both of us getting in the birthing pool and practicing a little bit of the sensual activity that got us into this situation in the first place(i.e.-kissing and rubbing).
    I will let you know how it goes. It wont be long, I am due in 2 days but I feel as if it will be another 2 weeks. We will see…

  5. I am so jealous of you woman who had such a wonderful experince! I have 4 children and I went to the hopsital all 4 times and never had a bad experince, but next time I would like to have a home birth (or at least try). I just think that it would be more relaxing for me.
    But an orgasmic birth….now that just blows my mind! I am so interested in this! I wish that I could talk to you face to face and listen to your experinces with home birthing as well! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Hi there!
    I haven’t had an orgasmic birth – I had my first in a birth center, my twins in a hospital iwth 50+ people there, and my 4th in a hospital with a midwife.

    When I look at the pictures of myself from immediately after the births of my oldest and youngest, who were born without an epidural & with me coasting completely on the hormones that my body made for the whole birth process, I pretty much look like I’d just had an orgasm. There is definitely an amazing endorphin high after birth, and I experienced that. I believe wholeheartedly that an interruption in the natural hormones (pitocin is fake oxytocin and actually breaks up the cycle of communication that your body has going on, and an epidural changes your experience, too) will interfere with this feeling afterwards, and I’d imagine probably interferes in a setting where you are not completely at home or comfortable.

    If I were to get pregnant again I’d likely choose a homebirth, and I’m curious if it would be one that would fall into the category of “orgasmic.”

    There’s so much that’s possible within the realm of birth – I feel like people don’t like to talk about how birth is part of our sexual cycle, but it IS, you know?

    Anyway, kudos to you for having an open mind about the idea! Have you had a chance to watch the full video through netflix or anything?

  7. No I have not! I want to though!
    I would also like to have a home birth if I get pregnant again. It just seems like there would be less stress and more about me during the process then about protocall.

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