Creative Discipline

I had posted a few days ago asking my fans what they wanted to see more of, topics and things like that. Well a fan (who happens to be a great friend of mine) posted that she would like to see what other people where doing to discipline their children.  She would like some creative ways to discipline without spanking but, at the same time, alters their negative behavior.

I struggle with this because, sometimes, no matter what I say, take away, threaten my children with-they don’t get that I am serious until I swat their butts.
Do I like doing that, no.
Do my get my point when I do that, yes.

I would love to hear what others are doing for this too.
Can anyone give out some ideas for this? Can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say!
Thanks for sharing!


2 thoughts on “Creative Discipline

  1. I am so the wrong mom to be answering this at all. But here is my take. First when I read “creative discipline” I think hmmm is that making them draw pictures of what they did wrong, maybe doing a short play on the reason they hit their brother or sister. But then I would have pictures on my fridge of a stick person hitting another stick person with a bat and people might get the wrong idea and I truely don’t have the time to watch a whole show on tv then to watch a two year stumple through the script especially when they can’t read. LOL I know I need help.
    And after having 3 kids (although I am checking dna to see if they really are mine cause I was a good kid)I have learne a lot of things and none of them helpful. But I can tell you what doesn’t work.
    1. Don’t threaten something big. Like if you don’t clean your room you will have to live in the garage. You know you won’t keep them there because then they have access to tools that can really do some damage to your house.
    2. Grounding them. Because one I forget what days and when they are bugging you and you want them out of the house your stuck. Plus who is really getting punished “YOU” I beg my kids to watch tv so I can go to the bathroom. My husband will say no tv for a week I look at him like really then you better find something to do so they don’t bug me!
    3. Time out. Cause there isn’t a place in my house that doesn’t have a tv in it or dust for them to play with on the floor they just sit there and spin around on the floor or tap their feet they can entertain themselves with anything…but their toys.
    Basically you have two options one wait till dad gets home and my husband is scrawny but yet they always listen to him. Or tell them you need time out and run to the nearest bathroom and sit reading the toothpaste or book if you prepared in advance and when your relaxed try again. But there are days I never come out of the bathroom next week I am getting cable and internet hooked up in there and trying to find a way to get a microwave and a small fridge. And do they make lounge chair like toilets?

  2. Ok first, Kelly you are too funny!!! I got such a good laugh reading your comment, and yet it’s true…
    Now to answer the question, I use time out but I try to use it in a “different” way. I make them put their nose in the corner and hands behind their back. The bad thing is you can tell which corner they use bc it is dirty :/ lol Since Halloween I’ve also thrown candy away when they do something after already being told. I make a big production out of it. I’ve also overheard some crazy things like making your kid stand there and stomp their foot for 20 min bc they stomped their foot at you or taking the door off bc they slammed it. I haven’t done these things but they def fall under the creative part

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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