Yes, I have a confession to make! Nothing big and juicy, sorry 😦

I don’t know about you other bloggers out there that do reviews, but I get so nervous when I email the company and tell them that their review is up! I am always alittle scared that they won’t like what I have to say. I know it’s silly and that any kind of review isn’t always a bad one….but still. I always wonder if they have expectations or if they compare bloggers to each other.

Do any of you that do reviews feel this way?
Does anyone else feel this way but with something else? Do you do something for work and always afraid what the boss will have to say about it?


2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I do! But then I remember that I am giving my honest feedback and if they don’t like it oh well! I just like to make sure there are no spelling/grammatical errors 😉

  2. Heck yeah!! I think that is the biggest reason I haven’t tried to sell more of my creations. Nothing is perfect enough and I always think well heck anyone can make this or is this as good as they coud buy at a store. I just made some apple ornaments with worms sticking out for teacher gifts and I can’t seem to get myself to post them on my face book page cause I don’t think they look that good. My therapist says she thinks it is an artist thing she had a pt that was writing a book for 10 years and finally she just gave it to her editor and said I am done. She had been trying to correct things or didn’t think it was good enough by the end she didn’t want to see it anymore. I feel the same way. I see everything wrong or it could be better and then never finish or start all over again. I think as moms it never seems like we accomplish anything. I mean that the house is never clean for 10 mins, the kids are always hungry,everyday it is the same thing the day before. You never get to a point where your like oh this is the last time I need to feed them and I have done my job and it was good. Nope in an hour or so they are hungry again and so when you work on projects that someone could actually say hey that was great work we question it. Honestly what mom’s come up and say hey you did a great job raising that child. No we get well my kid would never do that or your kid shouldn’t dance around the bus acting like a fairy. (not that the last part has actually happened lol well maybe) So we are always trying to do better, faster and still look good. I know I have gone on a tangent but the thing is that when we write, critique, paint, sew we still wonder if this is as good as anyone elses or could we do it faster or better. Being a mom is competitive these days and to be honest I am in the back taking a break on chair begging people to bring me water and xanax but that is what makes us great we never settle we push ourselves and try to be better. But every once in awhile we need to say that we are doing good our kids are alive (except for poor Tommy jk) we are trying run a buisness and take it or leave it this is as good as it gets and it is pretty darn good!!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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