Hey ladies (& some gents I am sure)
We have a Mama who is alittle embarrassed to be asking this question, so we are doing it Anon-A-Mom style 🙂
Here is her email:

I am so embarrassed to be asking this because I am a mother of a 20 month old and have been married for 3 years & have been doing laundry since we got married. I have never used fabric softener before and I recently purchased some. So now here is my question….when do I put the fabric softener in? Do I put it in at the beginning or at the rinse cycle? You would like that I would know about this but I don’t.
Thank you for passing along my question!


3 thoughts on “Anon-A-Mom

  1. you can do it either way!!! The rinse is when they say you can do it but before i bought my washer that has an automatic dispencer i would just put it in when i started the load and it worked just as well!!

    • Most top loaders beep when they are about to rinse so that is the best time to put it in. Some machines have a spot to put it so then when it is ready it fills the cup up with water to drain out the fabric softner. Dryer sheets and fabric softener work about the same. I tend to use both cause my boys clothes stink and I like them to smell like flowers lol. Most people use one or the other though. Some people use it with towels although they say they don’t soak up as much water then but I hate the brillo feeling of my towels so I rather use two then scrape half the skin off me. Especially clean skin cause as a mom that only happens like once a month lol. Also watch your little one a lot of kids are sensitive to fabric softener cause they have perfumes in them. I like the smell of mine so I put it in whenever not something you can really go wrong with feel free to soften away but I do recomend not putting it in the dryer lol. Good luck!

  2. I usually put it in at the beginning of the cycle so I don’t forget lol But I don’t think it makes much of a difference

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