Yes, I am talking about the Vaseline that you are probably thinking of….the one in the big tube that you have to take the lid off & it usually gets all gooped up with Vaseline!

Well Vaseline has a few reasons to be celebrating this year!
#1-They are turning 140! Happy birthday! That is a long time to selling a great, not to mention versatile, product!
#2-They have introduced a new container! No longer do you have to take the whole lid off & goop it up! It’s now a flip top!
#3-They are launching a new product:  NEW Rich Conditioning Cocoa Butter!

VPJ is a must-have skincare product because of its versatility (used for beauty, baby, medicinal, athletic needs and more).  It also provides visible relief from dry skin when used regularly.  Their newest addition, Rich Conditioning Cocoa Butter, is 100% pure petroleum jelly and keeps skin healthy and glowing all day long.
To help celebrate Vaseline Petroleum Jelly’s 140th anniversary, Vaseline has included contests for VPJ users on its NEW Facebook community page!  We are asking users to submit their favorite uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly! Each week, we’ll be selecting a winner to receive a Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Jar of VPJ (worth around $100) and a $500 gift card!  We will also be randomly selecting 5 winners, who take the extra time to submit a video, to win a Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Jar set (worth around $750) & a $1,000 gift card!  You can check out that contest, along with other fun content including videos at

I have to be honest and say that I have never used Vaseline before I received it and asked my husband what should we use it on? He explained that it’s really good for chapped lips. This will really come in handy this winter with 6 of us in this family! But then one weekend I had this pimple that wouldn’t heal and my husband suggested that I put Vaseline on it….alittle ify, I did so. And not only did it heal it, but it did so fast and better then anything else! Last night my son had a really bad rash on his butt (he gets them from time to time) and my husband put Vaseline on it & this morning it looks so better! That’s less then 12 hours!

Here is the new look!

I am not the only one that couldn’t wait to use this because, it seemed, that no matter where I stored the Vaseline, my youngest child would find it and use it! On what!? I have no idea…..but it happened at least once a day! So, Vaseline, you have a 19 month old fan at this house! 🙂

 If you want in on the action & a chance to win one of their great prizes, head over to their Facebook Page for more details!
Thanks Vaseline for letting me spread the word & be apart of your celebration!

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions expressed are my own*


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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