The Plus Side

Most, if not all, of us like to be around things & people that are positive!
No one likes a negative nellie! {thumbs down}

I have a great friend who has started up a fan page on Facebook called ‘The Plus Side’. I thought that he was just going to post positive quotes and things like that…well it’s more then that! The other day, Josh from The Plus Side made a video announcment….it
was something that I wasn’t expecting….but couldn’t be prouder of him!

The entire pupose of this page is to promote the art of positive living.

Chosing to take the step into positive living sure as shit wasn’t easy for me, nor was I really looking to do it. Here’s how it happened.

For most of my life I have always walked with my head down, always missing what was passing by me. I always saw the negative aspects in every possible thing, until recently.

I was drawn into going to a motivational seminar in which some true business icons and inspiring people were going to speak at. I planned attending to get some ideas on how to fire up my company and get people excited to come into work everyday. I left changed. And for what it seems like for good, only time will tell.

This page will offer motivational, inspirational and general positive quotes. Sometimes daily, sometimes not. Sometime my quotes, most will be copied and credit given out. In a nutshell; This is your spot to look at if you’re having a bad day or just need a quick pick me up quote.

Mission: My mission is to change peoples outlook on life by providing people with inspiration, motivation and a positive outlook on life. Remember; there is ALWAYS a Plus Side.
Products: T-shirts, ONE FOR ONE. For every t-shirt purchased I will donate one to the needy.

Please check out his fan page, website, and Youtube video! Let him know that I sent you!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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