I first heard about BURP when I entered a giveaway from a blogger that I follow (though I cannot remember which one lol) & little did I know that I had really contacted them to do a review/giveaway with them before entering this other giveaway!
Ok-so on to their products!

BURP’s items just aren’t appealing to the eye, they are appealing to the environment! All of their items are made with 100% bamboo!
When you purchase our organic products, you are giving the gift of a greener planet and a portion of the proceeds goes to our global philanthropic projects.

 I had never used bamboo anything that I can think of (but I could be wrong), so I curious to see how they held up in water and if they were as soft as they first are they came out of the dryer?!
These suckers are heavy when you add water to them! And I am not sure if it was me or not but the wash clothes seemed to make the soap…..soapier! I noticed that I didn’t have to add as much soap or keep adding soap!
Now to tell you if they stay soft after the dryer……yes! They are just as soft as the day that I opened the package! I was actually alittle surprised at this because they seem rougher after they dry. But so glad that they aren’t like that when they are dry from the dryer.

But BURP just isn’t giving back to the enviornment…..they give back to Mommies too! How…like this!
Baby U R Precious gives back with their BURP ministry; bringing moms together monthly, to sew burpcloths for less fortunate moms around the globe. For more information check out their blog www.burpministry.blogspot.com.

They have more then wash cloths and bibs too! They have hooded towels, blankets, over-sized blankets, and burp cloths!
And as I was gathering information to write this up, on saw alittle something that you may be interested in!
Their Organic OverSized Blankets are on sale……$52 down to $42! I am not sure how long this sale will last, so you better hurry and get those orders in while you can!

Look for a giveaway in the next few weeks! You will definitely want a chance to get your hands on these wonderful items!

*I received these products at no charge to me and all opinions expressed are my own*

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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