100 Days of Charity

Heather over at (mis)adventures of a mommy is a volunteer extraordinar! She donates, spreads the word, and takes action for the causes that she believes in!
I love reading her updates, blogs, and watching her videos on Youtube!

Right now she is doing 100 days of Charity. Everyday starting November 1, 2010 (yes I know I am a few days behind) and ending on March 18, 2011-Heather will be posting about charity, whether that means a project, organization, or anything else! Who knows!?
So if you want to read her posts & keep up with her all of her great actions, please follow her here

She has multiple blogs & multiple charities that she is involved in & volunteers for! She is also a mother, wife, and daughter!
She is just great! So please, follow Heather, and spread the word about her & her actions!

I forgot to add that Heather makes this book about all the charities that she is involved with! I received one because of a contest I was in! I love it! It may not have many pages, the pages may not be all the same length, but the message within those pages are just perfect!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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