What do you think!?

Hello fellow parents! I would love to hear your honest opinion about this picture. After I get some feedback I will post about why I posted this picture and the story behind it. Please, honestly, tell me if you think this is cute, inappropriate, something that shouldn’t be posted, something that you would share with your family & friends on Facebook?
Please tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when seeing this picture.



13 thoughts on “What do you think!?

  1. I think its an adorable picture! Who doesnt have a naked butt picture from when they were a baby! I think its an adorable precious moment captured on film!!!!

  2. I think this is an adorable picture. Every mom takes pictures of their little ones naked when they are babies. And it is something I would share on FB, as well, because I don’t think it is inappropriate.

  3. I don’t think I would put it on fb just because of sick people, though my fb is private. I still would not feel safe. I also would not look down on someone who would put this on fb.

    I have put pictures on fb that are bathtub pictures but no privates were shown. I would in fact send this to my friends and family in an email. it cute!! I would put it in a baby book too. hehehe

  4. My first thought was that the boppy and jacket(?) are a safety hazard…in addition to the close proximity of the electrical outlet.

  5. i have naked pictures of my kids were they decided to take their cloths off and go to sleep and had one time this summer were my then 18mth old took his diaper off during the night and was sleeping in his birthday suiet. he will be 2 in dec, and my twins will be 4 in feb, i have pics of my daugher who will be 10 in dec from when she was baby walking around naked cause she wanted to i think it is soo cute and shouldnt be ashamed of it at all.

  6. Other than the safety hazards in the pic, I think it’s adorable. I agree that I would hate to clean up that mess, but there is nothing wrong with the picture. I wouldn’t post it on the net bc there are sick people out there, but I have pics like this of my babies

  7. I also think it’s an adorable picture…but wouldn’t personally put a picture of any of my kids sans clothing on the net…just me.

    However…I do have pics of all 3 of my girls in some state of undressed!

  8. first off the bobby in the crib not the greatest idea bc the baby get stuck in between the crib and the bobby and the jacket needs to go also..Remove all those very cute

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