Kiss & Ride

For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s just a line of cars that are in a line and then when it’s your turn you drop off and pick up your child from school.

The kiss & ride at my son’s school in the morning is great. In and out in no time.
In the afternoon…..not so great! It actually sucks. Last year it was fine….this year not so great.

All of the car riders come outside at the front of the school and wait with their teachers until their parents (or whomever) come to pick them up. There are several other places to park besides the kiss and ride, but that’s not my point. They way they have it set up this year is that once a car leaves the line, you have to move up and you can’t get out of your car and get your child. Well if your child doesn’t see you, then how are they supposed to know that you are there? Second, there isn’t someone there asking who your child is and then getting them for you. There is this one teacher who has a mega phone that just thinks her crap don’t stink! She drives me insane! She tries to tell all the parents what they can and cannot do and tattles on you to the assistant principe when you don’t do what she says. It’s ridiculous! The system in the afternoon isn’t working at all. The kiss and ride lane is big enough so that if you get your child before the person in front of you does, there is enough room to fit two cars, side by side, and then they can drive away. And to add to this, not all the classes come out at the same time. I will be writing a note to the principle about this because I know that I cannot be the only parent that feels this way. The kiss and ride is more backed up in the afternoon then it is in the morning.

Ugh-ok, feel better! Thanks for listening to my rant!


2 thoughts on “Kiss & Ride

  1. I don’t know much about this, but when I use to pickup the little boy I use to watch they had this too. In the afternoon, the cars would line up to pickup the kids and you had to wait until you were the front car to leave. They did have teachers out there, but they did not come up to your car until you were the first or second car at the front and your child had not got to the car. Mostly the kids would see their car and go to it.

    It was not too bad at this school.

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