KB’s Baby Boutique

I was so excited when I was told that I would be receiving a pair of baby leg warmers to review!
I have never tried any & was very interested in them!

I didn’t know what color they would be or if they had a print on them, so when they came in the mail I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were red, white, and blue with stars all over them! I love them! It’s another way to show my patriotism also!

I put them on my daughter and they are alittle small to be leg warmers on her but they look really cute on her has 3/4 length tights! They fit my youngest child really well but the bottom looks alittle to girly for me to put them on him. I am hoping that they still fit my daughter next July because all I would have to do is find a dress or skirt to match & it would look so cute!
I am not at all disappointment that they don’t fit my son because the girly part that I was talking, is one reason why I love these! Yes you can have girly prints and colors but with this touch that she put on these leg warmers just add to the cuteness!

Now tell me those aren’t so cute!? If you are interested in purchasing these and/or other leg warmers, definitely check out her website!
But wait! KB’s doesn’t just have leg warmers…oh no! They carry amber necklaces, wipes, and different styles of wraps! Interested?! Thought you might be 🙂 Click here to visit her website!
Also, there will be a giveaway from KB’s in the next few weeks! You don’t want to miss out on this!

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions expressed are my own*


2 thoughts on “KB’s Baby Boutique

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  2. Love leg warmers! So glad its getting colder so Bella can wear hers. She was rocking her black ones with pink and purple polka dots tonight.

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