I did not want to join Twitter because it would be another thing that I had to keep up with & I thought it was pointless because of Facebook (posting status). I didn’t see a real reason to join…..until……
A blogger that I follow (Journey to ‘Green’) had a giveaway going on & the mandatory entry was to ‘like’ this company on Facebook & follow them on Twitter. I really wanted to win this item because I was interested in trying out their products. So I was looking over the mandatory entry again to make sure that I was reading it right & noticed that someone had added 1 entry to the giveaway…..well I couldn’t have that anymore! I couldn’t let someone else win just because I didn’t want to join Twitter!
So I caved earlier this week and joined Twitter just because I didn’t want to hand over a prize to someone over that little thing. So yea, I am competitive in that way! At least now if I don’t win I will know it’s not because I didn’t join Twitter!

I still laugh at myself for doing it & the reason why…..but at least I have a better chance of winning!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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