Anon-A-Mom 2

I have this ‘friend’ that I have known since high school. I haven’t really been a fan of her the whole time I have known her. I have never been close to her and it’s just basically been an acquaintance kinda thing.

I was talking to her through AIM on day (years ago) and she asked me something along the lines of why was I always there when she IMed me. That specific time I know that I was looking up a recipe online when she IMed me. I don’t remember how it got to this point but she ended up calling me a bad mother on what others told her about how my kids dressed & what my house looked like. None of these people had kids & to be very honest with you, there was nothing wrong with the way my kids dressed or the way my house… just wasn’t something they would have done, so apparently that means that I am a bad mother.
Some how I knew that she had an abortion (I don’t remember if she told me or someone else). So I started saying how I felt about her having an abortion. We argued about it and I don’t remember much detail after that.

Fast forward to present day. She has one child with one on the way.
Now I just want to say that this is how I feel and I don’t know any details of how she feels, or anything like that, this is something that I get off of reading status update from her. This is my point of view and me venting.
It bothers me to my core that she calls her child her whole life and goes on and on about how great he is and how much she loves him. I don’t know how she can look at that little child and not think of the one she aborted! I don’t understand how you can do that and then when you have another child just be the happiest person ever. There is no way that I could do that! I would see the baby that I aborted everytime that I looked at the child I kept. Every status that I see her post about her child & the one on the way, just bothers me to no end!
I do not agree with what she did nor will I ever find it ok to do so.
Why am I still ‘friends’ with her? Because I am so incredibly nosey! Yes, I admit it. I know that I should de-friend her, but I cannot bring myself to do that yet.

I am not looking for advice but more of a vent kinda thing.
Thanks for listening & I am not looking for people to play devils advocate on her part.


One thought on “Anon-A-Mom 2

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I don’t know of anyone that has had an abortion but I would feel the same way. :/ it’s good to vent tho. Everyone has a right to their opinion and I think you have taken a very brave stance with this!

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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