Challenge Day 7

(This is from Monday, yesterday)

Yesterday was an awesome day for me! I did everything on my chore list + more! Cleared out some boxes that hadn’t been unpacked yet and actually put those things where they were supposed to go instead of just putting them in a pile on my desk! I am caught up on dishes & am doing 2 loads a day to keep up with them. I am letting my husband know when the dish washer is dirty so he knows & can help with that.

I am also trying to do something extra around the house after or in between my chores. Now I am not expecting to do those things or making a list, that way I don’t overwhelm myself. But if I see something that I want to tackle then I am just going ahead and doing it. Which will probably be better for me, doing it alittle at a time, so I don’t put too much on myself. I like to see the little progress that I am making with the extras….makes me feel better & helps me keep my motivation up!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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