Teen Mom

I know that the finale was two weeks ago and then the reunion was last week….so I am late in posting this….but oh well!
So here are my thoughts on each Teen Mom!

I think that she is one of the best Moms! She puts her child first and always thinks about what is best for him. I don’t think that it was the smartest thing in the world to do when she moved to be with Kyle, but on the other hand I think that she was wanting out of where she lived and this was just the reason she used to get out of there. I commend her for not packing up and leaving when her and Kyle broke up! I was actually surprised when her parents were upset with her for NOT moving back in with them. I would have thought that her parents would have been happy that their child didn’t run home just because something didn’t work out for them. I know that Maci is a tough woman and can handle a lot but I think that she needs to open up alittle and get some things off her chest. I also commend her for saying that maybe she shouldn’t had blamed Ryan for everything going wrong when they were together. It takes two to make things work & takes two to not make them work. I do think that Maci tried when her and Ryan together but I think that maybe she should have thought about how he was feeling & going through as well. Just like I think that Ryan should have done that with Maci. Ryan could definitely step up his game in the fatherhood department though. I don’t think he does enough and that he relies on his parents too much. I think that he needs to get a job and start working with Maci more instead of against her. I don’t think that they should be together because I think that they have too many issues and too much past to do that…..but I do see Ryan starting to work with Maci (but like I said, I think he needs to do more of that). I saw that Maci & Kyle were back together on the reunion show which made me happy! I think that they are so cute together! I can understand how it was too much for Kyle when they moved closer to him and I am glad that he was honest with Maci when she brought that up to him.

Boy did she have a lot go on this season! Her mom hitting her, money basically stolen from her, and dealing with what happened with Derrick! I am not a big fan of Farrah’s mom and don’t think that I ever will be….however, I think that Debra matured a lot and once she was quite she could actually listen to her daughter instead of just hearing her. I was happy to see that Farrah brought her Mother into therapy with her because they both need it. I am not sure that I would have been able to do that if I had a mother like Debra. I was so proud of Farrah for moving out and living on her own! I don’t think living in her mom’s rental is the best idea, but if she can make it work then I think that’s great! The whole car thing seems like common sense to me but I think that she truly thought that this person was selling her a car & since she didn’t want to talk to her parents about it, she fell into this persons trap. I wish she would have talked about this with that one friend she has (cannot think of her name) before she sent the money. I think that friend could have stopped her from being ripped off. Speaking of that friend…..so glad she has her! I don’t think if it weren’t for that friend that Farrah would be sane! Now about Derricks sister! I was so mad at her for not going to the DNA place when she was first supposed to do it. I don’t know why she didn’t go, but still! However she did finally do it which I was so happy about. I love the fact that Farrah & Derricks sister are developing a relationship…I think that it’s good for Farrah and Sophia…but also good for Derricks sister. Apart of Derrick will always live on through Sophia! I was always wondering what happened to Sophia’s Dad and why he wasn’t in the picture….so sad to hear what happened but on the other hand so glad to know about him and what had happened…..the curiousity was killing me!!!!! I think that Farrah did a lot of growing up this season and she learned a lot….I think that she is a better person because of everything that she had to go through!

Oh how I love Catelynn! I just think that her and Tyler are the cutest couple ever! I cannot be an easy thing to hand over your child to another person and know that you will not be in your child’s daily life but then to have Catelynns Mom act and talk to her the way she does….drives me crazy! I would not live in that house if my mother treated me like that…no way! I understand that it can’t be easy to see your child go through that and lose the chance to be with your grandchild but that in no way gives Catelynns mom the right to say and act the way she does! I know that her husband is in jail and she is left to take care of things but ,again, no excuse! I think that her mother needs therapy and has a lot of issues to work out. When I saw the episode where Catelynn and Tyler got to visit & spend time with Carly I was smiling the whole time! I was super happy for them! The feeling they had when they were with her had to have been priceless! And that they were able to see her walk for the first time…..awesome! When everything went down about Catelynn and her ex from years ago, I thought Tyler overreacted alittle because it was years ago & they were so young…..but I also think that Tyler handled himself very mature and talked to Catelynn about it. So glad that she came clean about everything and that they worked through it! Glad that Tyler ripped up the phone records because there was no point in looking at any of that! I am glad that they are able to move past this and build a stronger and closer relationship! I don’t think if it were for Tyler’s mom that they would be where they are…I think that she is their back bone! So glad that she is there and has a level head on her shoulders! I hope that Catelynn and Tyler get to visit more often with Carly and her parents!

Amber Amber Amber…..I can relate to this girl so much! I think that her and Gary both need help! I don’t think them being together is healthy for anyone! They need a middle person that they can talk to about things without that middle person having any relationship with them. I think that Garys friend is making things worse. I don’t think that Amber should have started anything with anyone when she did. I think that was a horrible move on her part! She needs help and every time she lashes out…it is a cry for help! The way that she broke down every time she talked on the reunion show was another sign that she needs help. She is not a bad person/mother…..she needs help! I think that if her and Gary get the help they need that they can be together and raise Leah in a happy & healthy home! I really think they truly love each other and want to be together…they just need help. I am not excusing any of their behaviors but they both didn’t act right and need help. I know that I keep saying that but it’s true.

These are my thoughts about the show from what I saw. I don’t think that any of these woman are bad people/mothers. We all have our faults and issues….ours just aren’t broadcasted all over America…..because if they were, there would be plenty of people talking smack about us & what we all do in our lives! There will always be someone somewhere that disagrees or has something to say about what we did or didn’t do. I don’t think bashing the person and saying mean/nasty things about them is the way to go. Being a parent is a hard thing to do for anyone regardless of age, color, income, where you live….none of that matters. I think as women and mothers we need to come together and be there for each other & not get wrapped up in the faults that people have. Yes they are there and yes people could have made better choices….but they didn’t…but it doesn’t mean you should be so nasty about it! These 4 woman have let these cameras into their lives and aired their dirty laundry for the world to see…..their choise to do that-yes. But let’s put ourself in their shoes and not be so hard on them! I wish all of them the best & cannot wait until the nest season! I will definitely be watching!

Also I came across this MTV blogger and she set up a bank account for people to donate money for Catelynn & Tyler to go to college. What do you think about that?
Here is where you can read more about it!

What are your thoughts on the show? Share!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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