Brotherly Love

My brother in law, his fiance, her two kids, and a baby they have together came to visit us this weekend. This is our first time meeting them (minus my brother in law) in person (we Skype). I was super excited to meet her and her kids & of course my husband was excited to see his brother. They were coming back from a vacation from Myrtle Beach and stopped at our house on their way back home. They stayed 8 or 9 hours and we cooked out for lunch then the kids were all playing outside & the adults were talking. Then my husband started throwing a football and freezbie around with the kids. It was a great time that we spent with each other.

Today I stopped by my husbands work to talk to him about something. He walks me to our van and then turns to me and says that he wishes that his brother were still here. It touched my heart & I wish that I could bring my brother in law and his little family down here for him….but it touched my heart even more when it looked like his eyes were tearing up alittle.

As my brother in law and his fiance were packing up their van up and we were all talking, they had said that they wanted to move from where they are (WV) and would love to move down south and be close to a beach. Of course my husband jumped on that opportunity to tell him that both him & his fiance could transfer their jobs to down here (and with the companies they work with they could), we could help them find a place to live, and help them get their daughter into a good school….if not the one our son attends. I was excited because our kids took instantly to them and their kids and I really like his fiance. She is super nice, easy going, and real. I hope that they do move down here & we will/would help them in anyway we can.

We love you all & have a great time with you guys! Can’t wait to see you again!


3 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. I know the girl u speak of and she is super nice. I would miss her smiling face everyday at her workplace if she moved, but if that is what she wants I am happy for her 🙂

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