Motherhood with Attitude

No matter your attitude, we all have one….good, bad, ugly, indifferent, whatever you want to call it!
This company is making light of Motherhood! They have cards, mugs, notepads, and more with real life kids (with pictures that their parents have submitted) and add the funniest captions!

I received two of each card + envelopes

This was my favorite card!

The outside saying.

The inside saying.

When I received my package from them and I opened up the box and started reading the cards, I just started busted out laughing! I can honestly say that most, if not all, of the captions on the cards I could relate to! Then I went on their website and started looking at all the other sayings that they had….it was like they had followed me around and took notes on what I was experiencing lol! And the pictures they use are just as funny, if not funnier, then the captions!

Jannalee & Tiffany are both mothers & both have a love for what they do….Jannalee is the writer & Tiffany is the artist for the cards.
Here is what each one has to say about what they do:
Jannalee-I hope that my writing shares the real experience. If we can’t be honest about this, then our kids have won!
Tiffany-Since I became a mother, I have been disappointed by the lack of creative and supportive products for moms. I can’t take one more fluffy duck or teddy bear! My goal is to create something that moms can relate to — something that feels fun and slightly messy. Because, let’s face it, through all the joy and frustration, motherhood is wonderfully messy.

I haven’t been able to send out any of the actual cards that I received…yet, but as I was looking around on their site again, I completely forgot that you can send e-cards! I jumped on that and sent out a few to some friends in hopes that it brighten their day, let them know they aren’t alone, and just made them laugh. I have received some great feed back from these!
Friend 1- You made my day!
Friend 2-I did get it and it really made my day! Lol With {insert husbands name} being injured and really lazy 😉 this was the pick me up I needed. I giggled at where this card should be filed
(Will add more feedback as I get it & All these e-cards that where sent out can be found on their site)

All kidding aside though – they also support a great cause! A portion of all profits made by MA! go to ‘A Mother’s Wings,’ a nonprofit organization for women facing post-partum depression. Which I think is great because I have (and probably to some point) still suffer from. I think that it’s awesome that they do this because it seems like people just glide through this topic…you have heard of it but not many people talk about it. Glad to see a company is bringing light to this topic and helping to raise awareness & donating to this! Way to go MA!

Like what you see? Want to purchase some of their items? Want to send an e-card? You can even submit a funny, crazy, or interesting picture to them & have a chance to have your picture used in the future! I submitted one of my youngest child (fingers crossed).  They always have a great link of their page called ‘Diaper Hunt’….you could win a great grand prize! Click here to learn more about this!
Whatever you are interested in, please head over to their website and check everything out! I hope you enjoy looking & reading what these two Mother’s have thought of…I just simply love it!!!!

*I received this product at no charge to me & all opinions expressed are my own*


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